Modern technology has provided several innovations that helped improve our lives for the better. In the case of the beauty industry, many companies like Cosrx have raised a significant portion of funds to enhance their research and development teams in order to find better and more effective ways to take care of our bodies. This is especially true in certain countries like South Korea, where they are often praised for being light years ahead of their western counterparts when it comes to beauty innovations. Since becoming a leading country in providing innovations, the country has introduced various trends like BB creams and powdered cushions.

Another trend they are introducing is the use of fermented skin care products. This involves adding probiotics in active ingredients to create potent and more concentrated formulas. While the process of fermentation isn’t a new concept, recent beauty trends have only begun to apply this to various skin care solutions like creams, essences, face masks, and boosters. So far, the reviews are in, and people are praising its effects and what it can do for your skin. Here are some benefits on using fermented skincare products:

Allows better absorption for the skin

Back then, our ancestors used fermentation as a way to preserve food and drinks which results in increasing the food’s storage life as well as adding various antioxidants in our bodies. Fermented foods allow better absorption in our gut, effectively producing good bacteria that aids in digestion.

In the case of skin care products, the process of fermentation is different since gut absorption is different from skin absorption. Several scientists have used the same principle (with varying techniques) to help break down these ingredients to ensure that our skin can also benefit from its effects.

Offers higher concentration of natural ingredients

Fermented beauty products use a specific type of process that helps enhance the potency and concentration of an ingredient. Unlike products that involve using artificial derivatives and harmful chemicals, fermented products use natural means to preserve a product’s shelf life while also preventing harmful toxins from mixing with its formula.

For people who are looking for all-natural products, they may benefit from using organic and fermented items for everyday use.

Safe for all skin types

Another benefit that fermented skin care products provide is that they are safe for all skin types even sensitive skin! Since fermented skin care products limit the use of harmful chemicals by utilizing natural processes, people with certain irritants and allergies can benefit from their use without worrying about burns and other side effects.

Note: While fermented beauty products are deemed safe for all skin types, it still helps to do a skin patch test before making a purchase. People with rare skin conditions may also need to visit their dermatologist for additional recommendations.

Offers anti-aging properties

Several studies show that fermented products provide our skin with much-needed superboost compared to non-fermented products. People who have dry skin are more prone to wrinkles, so it helps to keep them hydrated as often as possible.

Fortunately, fermented beauty products provide anti-aging properties to help keep our skin looking young and supple by enhancing the production of collagen which is the compound responsible for keeping our skin firm. Fermented products also boost cell rejuvenation by boosting blood circulation so new skin cells can form during application. For people who are prone to acne, fermented skin care products help treat redness and marks while also providing hydrating and nourishing properties, so people don’t have to use harsh chemicals.


When it comes to selecting the right products for your skin care routine, it helps to do adequate research on each item beforehand. As an added warning, be prepared for some products that have a distinct smell. This is normal, especially for fermented products since the process involves generating good bacteria. If you are worried about whether such products will last a long time –do not worry! The smell usually fades away the minute after it dries.

There is no doubt that fermented skincare has multiple benefits that people enjoy. While you don’t necessarily have to get rid of your reliable products, it does help to add some fermented items in your daily or weekly regimen. However, if you are looking to switch your products to gentle yet effective products that use natural ingredients, then fermented skincare items may be the best place to start. As with every product, always do a skin patch test before making a purchase and consult with your dermatologist if you have sensitive skin.


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