International travel is a great way of expanding your horizons and changing your perspective. The ability to see far-flung places of the world has also never been more technically accessible than at any time before now. Yet, the price tag of some vacations and travels can be hard to justify in a financial sense.

If you are keen to experience the wonders and excitement of international travel, but you lack the funds for an extensive journey, there are several ways to travel without breaking the bank. Effective budgeting includes looking for cheaper flights, cost effective travel insurance, and affordable accommodation. The details also add up, however, and keeping everything in mind takes some planning.

To get you started, let’s look at some specific ways to travel internationally on a budget.

Find Cheap Flights

Doing some research well in advance of your desired travel dates is a good way to save big on plane tickets. Being flexible with your travel dates and flight times is key here. Use a search aggregator online to find and compare different airlines and different days for travel. This can greatly assist you in seeing what is available and how prices vary. You can even watch out for seat sales with some airlines when flight tickets can be had for very cheap prices on certain dates.

Avoid Tourist Traps

Every major city in the world features attractions that are always surrounded and filled with hordes of tourists. These are usually key or iconic areas of a city that have been around for some time. While there is something to be said for witnessing historical landmarks and other well-known sites, locals usually know that tourists are willing to pay the price of admission.

This means that these sites are often prohibitively expensive for the budget traveler. Do your best to limit the amount of time you spend in tourist haunts though try to see at least a couple. Furthermore, use your common sense when purchasing basic items and refreshments in these areas as prices are often heavily inflated.

Try Free Activities

Free activities, on the other hand, need to be the baseline for budget-conscious travelers. There is nothing wrong with simply taking a walk through the older districts of European cities and gazing at the architecture. Similarly, taking some time to relax in public parks or on a beach with a picnic is a great way to spend a sunny afternoon abroad. Try looking for an information kiosk at your destination to discover more specific free activities that might interest you. You are sure to find several options to suit almost any interest.

Pay Now, Save Later

Travel insurance remains a necessity even for budget-minded travelers. In the long run, the cost of an accident or having your trip interrupted far outweighs the minor price of purchasing a comprehensive policy.

Travel Far, Save Big

The tips outlined here will allow you to see the world on a shoestring. While having a larger budget for travel does open up more doors when you are abroad, having limited funds does not necessarily mean that you are stuck at home in Australia.