Recently, many have ditched a traditional work setting to work from home. Younger workers have started seeing the benefits of staying home and working in your most comfortable clothes. Maybe you’ve decided to move to Nashville, but you still want to keep your job back in another state. Whether you work remotely for a company or you’re self-employed, working from home comes with a lot of perks.

For the best home office, keep these tips in mind.

Choose the right space

Depending on your house, finding a spot for a home office might be difficult. Some are lucky enough to have finished basements and spare bedrooms to fit their home office. While a bigger space might be ideal, a quiet corner of your living room shouldn’t be overlooked if that’s what you have to work with. Wherever you choose to put your home office, be sure that it’s a space you feel comfortable with and where you can focus.

Establish set hours

One of the biggest problems people find with working from home, it that the line between business and personal life get too blended. Having your work so close to the rest of your life can make it hard for you to separate yourself from your job. Flexibility can be one of the greatest aspects of working from home, but you can quickly get sucked into working too much. This might be the ideal situation for some, but others might start to feel drained. Setting strict hours for when you will and won’t work ensures that you’ll have the time to get everything finished, without overworking yourself.

Have plenty of storage

If your home office is already tight on space, or you’re accustomed to having the amenities of a traditional office, clutter can build up fast. Some of this clutter might not be items that you’re able to get rid of, like office supplies. Even if they are necessities, they can make it difficult for you to concentrate and could even make it hard to physically be able to work depending on the size of your space. Creating more storage wherever possible will eliminate clutter and make it easier to find what you need.

Bring in natural light

A common complaint of traditional offices is the stress overhead lighting causes. This is unavoidable in regular office space, but working from home gives you the opportunity to use lighting that works best for you. If your home office has windows, trying using natural light more than artificial light. Even when the sun isn’t shining, you can still implement lamps that you can adjust to a brightness that comfortable for you.

Have a comfortable spot

Take advantage of the fact that you’re in your own home and find a cozy space to do your work in. Sometimes you can get work done a little easier in a proper desk and chair, but it doesn’t hurt to have a spot to relax in. Even just to take a quick break, getting comfortable could make your work day go by easier.