These Are the Top 10 Health and Wellness Trends for 2019

Health and Wellness Trends
Health and Wellness Trends

People around the globe are becoming overworked and overwrought more and more each year. The modern society’s fast-paced lifestyle distracts people from the one most important thing – taking care of their health and well being.

As modern living is becoming more and more artificial, so to say, people are slowly realizing how far they’ve gone from nature and how drastically they have changed their natural habitat. Therefore, more and more people are answering the call of nature that comes from deep within and are turning back to natural treatment and environment.

This year’s health and wellness trends are more natural and self-oriented as we are realizing our bodies and our minds need nature, and those three are in an unbreakable relation.

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Prescribing nature

The most common health problems these days are not to be healed but to be seen and acknowledged as negligence of the basic needs of a human being.

People have forgotten for a while, how the best things in life are for free. So, put down those pills and pick up your sneakers.

Medicine and pharmacy are starting to acknowledge the healing power of nature and its products, so don’t be surprised when you get a 30 min walk or a hike on the mountain as a prescription from your doctor.


As mentioned above, modern medicine and pharmacy have turned to nature’s magical power. The marijuana plant is not a taboo anymore. They have made it possible for people to benefit from the plant’s great therapeutic power.

The primary non-psychoactive component of the plant, the cannabidiol, is used for making CBD oil. CBD’s growing popularity is due to numerous beneficial effects on people psychical and psychological health, here are some detailed reviews on CBD oils.

CBD has a direct impact on your metabolism, plays a role in breaking down fat as it also helps reduce stress, anxiety, and insomnia.

Production grower helps you find out more about CBD and how to use it.


Mindfulness is a state of full consciousness and the presence of one’s mind and body. Practiced through many techniques such as meditation, breathing, progressive muscle relaxation or guided imagery, mindfulness increases the awareness of what is happening to you and around you. Moreover, it gives you the power to control how you react to stressful situations and anxiety.

Get in touch with yourself and look within to find your real needs and desires.

Breath Workout

As people tend to work out a lot to have strong muscles, imagine working out to have a strong nervous system.

Practicing deep breathing for 15-20 minutes every day will help you relax your mind and body. Moreover, it helps in strengthening the nervous system rewarding you with a calm mood and rational reactions in everyday stressful or decision-making situations.

Short green Exercises

The digitally-dominated world we live in is depriving us of our basic need of being outdoors in the natural surroundings.

Modern trends are promoting home workouts guided by trainers behind the computer or your phone. However, there is no such powerful workout as one performed outdoors, empowered by the sun and fresh, clean air.

Short workouts several times throughout the day are the key to health and strength. For example, 10 minutes of stretching in the morning, 20 minutes run at lunch and a short walk or bike in the evening can be powerful and time efficient plan.


Different meditation practices can help you reach different goals. However, most commonly is used as a mechanism for focused attention, hence clearing the mind of thoughts, helps people with scattered thoughts achieve better focus and helps to attain creative breakthrough.

Meditation is becoming the number one trend for mental wellness. More and more apps, meditation studios and wellness center, are starting to offer a variety of meditation concepts and practices.

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Body Positivity

People around the world are constantly raising awareness about social media’s unhealthy influence on person’s psychical and psychological health. The skinny role models and all the unhealthy 3-day diets are causing harm and health issues to young people.

Body positivity movement encourages everybody to accept, nurture and love their body. Moreover, it emphasizes the differences and how healthy doesn’t equal skinny. Your body is a unique product of nature, and it should be one of a kind not resembling anybody else’s appearance. In the end, the beauty of this world is in diversities.

Personalized Nutrition

Every person’s body is unique, and therefore it has its own personal needs. This well-known fact has started a new age where personalized nutrition is the key to a healthy organism and strong body. The perfect dieting concept for wellness, weight-management and daily nutritional needs is written within your body.

Medical testing and new technologies that can identify the perfect recipe for your healthy meal are now very affordable and convenient. Therefore, efficient blood analysis or DNA analysis can define your body’s needs of specific foods, drinks, and supplements; even there are many benefits of keto supplements so that can be a good option to think about.

Clean eating

The concept of eating healthy and clean is very simple. Though you might think it takes more time, attention and sacrifices, eating clean means eating simply. Therefore, everything that your environment provides, such as seasonal vegetables and fruits and grains in their most natural state is suitable food for your organism.

Furthermore, this concept fights the overflow of the market with processed foods, like refined sugar, additives, instant snacks that are with poor nutrition and very harmful.

Holistic Healing

Holistic healing is a wellness practice that emphasizes the importance of the functioning of the whole. As the individuals are turning more and more to nature, they find the holistic concept very truthful and appealing.

The balance between mind, body, spirit and all the internal and external factors affecting them is the key to well being and healing. Rather than focusing on a specific part, holistic healing addresses all parts of the individual. Moreover, it emphasizes the healing power of nature is taking in consideration that a person is an inseparable part of the big picture.

Wherever the disbalance may be within yourself, you may look inside you and around you to find the healing path.