Goodbyes, I think are the hardest situations a human heart has to go through. Leaving people, memories, moments, and experiences behind for a new life venture.

“People, who were your Humpty-dumpty, part of your every day, throbbing of your heart”

“Memories remain alive in your heart forever.”

“Moments were made with utmost love.”

And experiences that will always be a part of you.

Although, every goodbye is a start to something new and that hope is what makes them a little bearable. It is rightly said, “It is not the goodbyes that hurt but the memories that follow”. People and moments are the most crucial part of these memories.

That feeling, I agree is gut-wrenching but the last time can always be made memorable by celebrating and commemorating the times already gone and what better way than doing it with your dear and near ones.

And parties are something everyone loves. So why not make your goodbye special by throwing a grand “Good-Bye Party”. A party that will be remembered for a long time. All the fun, exciting, and thrilling stuff being a part of it. Sounds fun, doesn’t it?

So here’s bringing to you a few ideas and new ways that will make your party grab all the attention around. Sparing no efforts to build up a proper list of tips and tricks that can help you plan the best Goodbye Party that will be worth remembering.

The Magical Goodbye party, people will rave about

  • Pen Down your Guestlist

The most important part of planning a goodbye party is to determine the number of attendees and who will come. The list can be large or small, depending upon whom you want to invite. Once the guest list is written, it covers entirely every concept that is situated with a party, it may be how much food you’ll need, venue, etc. It’s better to categorize your attendees, to avoid the last-minute hassle of forgetting anyone.

People Will Remember

  • Pick up the venue, give a heart-warming toast

The person who is vacating is solely responsible for deciding the venue for the party, better to not assume that the “goodbye party” will be held in the house only. This is the last time where all your favorite persons can come together, it’s better to choose a venue which will be close to everyone’s heart and will leave an impact that nobody will ever forget.

The person who is leaving can share his/her feelings by giving a toast to the evening, relinquishing all the memories he/she has with everyone present in the venue making everyone feel better and happy. “A heart-throbbing Toast to everyone present”.

Party Games that will be worth remembering

  • Showing them the slide of memories, with the spice of Entertainment

Going away or saying goodbye to people whom you love can indeed be strenuous sometimes, so if you’re doing it, do in a way that will be worth remembering. You can show them the best memories you had with them, can organize Party games giving them a punch of entertainment. “Night full of memories, love, and Entertainment that your people will cherish forever.” Some of the games you can play are:

  • Roast or toast;
  • Filling up the card, writing the best memories you had;
  • Telling 5 best and worst things about the guest of honor.

Refreshments and Gifts

  • Give them the last “Something” that they will cherish.

The person who is leaving can share the last “something” with their loved one. He/She can give something as a token of love to them. You can write on the invitation “Reimbursing the love in a box”.

It will trigger the emotions of the guests making them feel a little more alive and all time happy. For example, you are leaving your homeland and going to Sacramento. The company you’re working in is having relocation to Sacramento.

And you want to throw a goodbye party in that regard. You can tell people about your new location, about the Sacramento Moving company, the work you’ll be doing in Sacramento, etc. For any company that helps movers, you can easily search for the Sacramento Movers which is one of the leading companies in Sacramento.

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Deciding a theme, deciding a vibe

  • Remembrance of the good old days

The theme can set the table on fire, it is one of the deciding factors that the party will look like, and there are a plethora of party themes available for a goodbye party. One theme that will cherish forever is “Keeping the theme retro.” Remembering the good old days, you can choose to keep the party retro and classy, proliferating the retro vibes in everyone’s hearts in the future too. Decide a theme, put a party hat, plop the stage on fire with a plinth of memories and love.

Everyone is aware of the important first impressions hold, but when you know you are not going to see somebody, not anytime soon at least, you want to leave a good impression on them because God knows, it will last long. Every time a person thinks of you, along with the very “first times”, the last ones are what people always cherish and remember.

While you cannot change the first ones, you can make the most of the last one. Fun and games always go a long way but cherishing the memories, the good and the bad, laughing at the remember when and what if’s and just being able to express yourself, in the warm company of your friends and family is what makes for a memorable and indelible get together.

Decorations and a good ambiance indeed enhance the mood and the vibe of a party, but it is the people, their comfort, and their warmth with one another which makes it unforgettable.

Along with keeping in mind all the above-mentioned tricks and techniques to make your “goodbye party” into “The goodbye party”, do not forget to enjoy every moment with the people you worked so hard for, for them to remember the smiling you, the happy you. After all, a good host does not only decorate their place pretty, or order the yummiest food ever, they make sure they spend time with their people and make memories of a lifetime.