DIY Standing Desk
DIY Standing Desk

Most people are now preferring to use a standing desk because of its great benefit of health. However, purchasing one from the store seems to be a bit of a challenge because they are too expensive. Despite that, some standing desks are not adjustable in such that they won’t fit your height. That is why making your own standing desk that will fit your height is the best. A DIY standing desk can also save you the double amount that you can spend on purchasing the one from the store.

Furthermore, a DIY standing desk can give you freedom of choice especially from choosing your desired top and frame. You can buy your quality Smartdesk Kit frame from leading sites of furniture such as Autonomous. In addition, you can choose your own materials, colors, and design it with your unique style. Therefore they are certain tools required to complete your desk with excellence. In this post, I would like to share with you the tools for a DIY standing desk. With those tools, you can make a nice and professional desk.

Strap Clamps

These are must to have when you are making your standing desk out of Smartdesk Kit frame. Without strap clamps, it’s hard to glue up the wood pieces. Strap clamps are used to assemble and shape wood pieces that are for making a top of a desk. They allow you to design your pieces into a shape that you like. It is important to find a quality strap clamp that is easy to adjust in the angles.  And which is not complicated wood pieces during the glue up process. Also, they should be strong enough to be used on a hardwood such as a pallet.

Miter box

Poor angles of a DIY desk can ruin the whole desk even if have used quality materials such as Smartdesk kit frame from Autonomous. You have to make something that will look more professional. So, when preparing a top for your desk, miter box is a must to have it by your side. This is because lining cuts perfectly without it is very hard.

It helps a lot in cutting the exact measurements that you require. Furthermore, it makes a saw to cut quickly hence saving your time. Mixer box is made of plastic or wood. They last for a long time. Some come with cut and adjustable angles which guide the saw hence making the job to be done quickly.

Biscuit Joiner

This is one of the most valuable tools to have when making your standing desk. It is the simplest and direct way to fit wood pieces together. Biscuit joiner enables you to build a durable desk with SmartDesk kit frame. They also make strong joints and modify a design to fit your taste. In addition, biscuit joiner can save you a lot of time hence the job gets done fast.

Table saw

The DIY standing desk needs a quality top which is durable. And the durability of the top of a desk can be determined by the texture of wood used. Hardwood is highly recommendable. However, it won’t be with just a weak saw. Therefore, the table saw is preferable. It plays a pivotal role when it comes to cutting wood, and it can cut a hardwood nicely. There is no need to put your effort when using it. In fact, the table saw just delivers the power that you need for cutting.

Power drill

A power drill is also a must tool to have for building a DIY standing desk with a SmartDesk kit frame. It is used to place the holes where you want it, before inserting wood screws or nails. Power drills can make the work easier. It has many advantages as it allows you to adjust the way you want. Furthermore, you can also lower or increase the speed depending on the type of wood that you are using. It’s so much efficient.


Hammer is a must tool to have when constructing your desk. It is used in driving pins and to tap joints together. The head of a hammer helps with levering the nails out of wood. This is the best tool that allows you to construct a nice DIY desk. When buying a hammer, also make sure that you choose the type that has a claw at the head for pulling nails. This is an added advantage to make your work easier. In addition, if you have a good hammer and also the right nails, you can actually come up with a sturdy DIY standing desk

Bonus tips

When making your DIY standing desk, there are some important tips that you should not neglect. Here are some tips that can help you:

  • Select all the tools and materials that you’ll need when doing your job.
  • Make sure that your work area is clean and organized to avoid misplacing your tools.
  • Always wear closed shoes and safety glasses for protection
  • Place small tools such as nails on a tool belt or toolbox.
  • Don’t begin your DIY standing desk when you are tired or frustrated because you can make mistakes and produce poor desk.


After gathering your tools to make your best DIY standing desk, the vital thing that you should not neglect is a frame. A frame is the heart of a desk. There are so many different types of frames available on the market. However quality matters in everything. A SmartDesk Kit frame for DIY standing desk is the best and high-quality frame that is recommended by most users. It can be found from the world’s online leading stores that sell furnitures such as Amazon and Autonomous.

With a Smartdesk Kit frame, you can make the best DIY standing desk. It has many helpful features. You can easily adjust it to fit your height. Furthermore, this frame is strong and can support more weight. I hope this post will help you a lot to create a unique desk for your home or work office.