design trends

Designers are a creative bunch of people, and they have proved that in the last decade or so. Throughout the years, many designs have emerged on the scene and doomed with the time because trends keep changing, and so do the strategies.

Web designers have to walk hand in hand with what is trending in the contemporary time. That’s the essential aspect of their job. We are halfway down the road to 2019, and many new design trends have already left their mark. Let’s list down the top ten among them:

Crafting a singular voice with illustration

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Of late, many brands have picked up this design as a way to make the waiting period more interesting for the visitors. Most visitors tend to leave website during that waiting phase.

At the same time, these illustrations convey the brand’s values and philosophy. The most significant benefit of this design is that you don’t have to pay extra to send the message of your brand as many brands have done in the past.

Three-dimensional elements

This design is trending like anything. So much so, it has replaced quite a few well-established old models which speaks volume about its larger than life popularity. The idea is to make the design as realistic as possible.

When a user interacts with this design, the interaction looks more natural instead of robotic. In simple words, the distinction between the physical and digital world seems minimized.

Black and white palettes

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Colour plays a crucial role to capture the attention of the visitors. If used tastefully, colors have the potential to captivate the users instantly. Many designers of the opinion, black and white palettes are going to have a ball in the remaining months of 2019.

You might be wondering what is so particular about these two colors – black and white. They have existed like forever. No other combination of colors compliments each other so well. Black is assertive while the white gives a sober and straightforward look.

Also, when a third color is between the two, it holds users’ attention every second. Pink and red are a third color by a few brands, and it has been a success story.

Cute micro-interactions and minigames

When you see a red icon on your Facebook timeline, that’s the example of a micro-interaction. Every time you refresh your Twitter page and hear a beep, it also accounts for micro-interaction.

The purpose of their usage is to make the website interactive. For this reason, chimes, animations, and other tools, etc. are used. These objects are not only restricted to convey the philosophy of brands but also add the touch of humor so that an entertaining connection can be with the user.

Thumb-friendly navigation

Mobiles have long overtaken desktops. Today mobiles are the competition of their own with over 3.3 billion smartphones used worldwide. On top of that, the number has been steadily growing over the last few years.

So the audience, in no small measure, is becoming mobile-centric. Realizing this fact, web designers started making a responsive design, but now they are going a step ahead. Hence, thumb-friendly navigation.

How we hold our mobile and get on with its usage at different times, all these angles are looked in, while mapping out this unique design. To be brief, it’s a tailor-made design for smartphone addicts.

A great deal of science is involved in the process of this design. So you can click for any help

Introduction of chatbots

Chatbots were all over the place in 2018, and the trend is likely to become even more fastpaced in 2019. Millennials have been showing a significant tilt towards the bots. The good news is that AI has advanced, and the bots are going to be smarter in the coming times. They will be able to personalize the communication like never before.

Moreover, the chatbots can do a world of good to the business owners in terms of cutting down their customer support costs. Numerically speaking, 30 percent of the customer service expenses are installing chatbots. While we might not directly link chatbots with the designing feature of a website but designers are using colors and all the other tricks to make the bots look as exhibitive on the webpage as possible.

Glitch art

Let’s face it; we are living in a strange period. Nobody knows where we are heading. This design resonates with this feeling and gives a psychedelic look to the viewers.

Glitch art is all about using distorted images to give your website a unique and appealing look. The audience is being very receptive of this concept, and designers believe that people are going to foster much irresistibly towards this design soon as well.


Minimalism has hardly seen any downfall ever since its inception. That’s why it is also known as timeless design, and it is likely to be among the top trending designs in 2019 as well.

As the name signifies, viewers will not be overwhelmed with too many features. Sometimes people tend to become confused with several options and easily get diverted. Fewer elements mean less possibility of getting distracted.

If you have hired the right designers and know your audience, this design will show your visitors exactly what they are looking. What’s more, animations are applied to make it look even more captivating.

Typography-centric layouts

Typography has been very prominent ever since the technology has permitted its usage. In the past, typography was running on the backburner due to the issues like unavailability of fonts.

But now things have changed. The coding has become more advanced, and experimenting with typography has become much easier compared to the old times. In this design, the words are the central stage, and the rest of the composition takes place around them.

Security-centric design

Internet could be a dangerous place to operate. In the recent past, several security breaches have made the users skeptical about sharing their data with the websites.

In other words, the audience is having trust issues. Now the designers have burdened with the responsibility to restore the element trust deficit.

Therefore the primary goal of this design is to convey to the users that their data is secure and in the safe hands. No security blunder will be committed.


Trends come and go. Some of them last for years while others disappear in a breeze. It is essential to follow the pattern, but at the same time, you can’t opt for a design that does not represent your company values. Remember, a good plan is not a matter of chance. You have to invest a great deal of observation and hard work before you find your best match.