Outsourcing is one of the most popular services in some business fields. At the same time, for some countries, it is one of the main sources of foreign trade revenue. Therefore, it is not surprising that this market is competitive and each of the countries interested in increasing external revenues to its economy, strives to make it easier and more convenient to run such a business.

Outsourcing companies exist all over the world. Over the past decade, Ukraine has confidently entered the list of countries where it is profitable to do IT outsourcing.

Ukraine is a country with great resource potential, which is rapidly developing. Every year the number of Ukrainian IT specialists grows. More and more enthusiasts decide to spend their time studying technologies and strive to work in this field. At the same time, clients of IT companies want to get a quality solution with compliance with all deadlines on the part of the supplier and good communication during the development process.

Let’s understand why American and European customers often prefer to work with Ukraine developers and why this solution is ideal for them. Let’s consider the top 5 reasons.

1 Excellent location

The location of Ukraine looks very convenient for communication with people from other countries. The average difference in time with most European countries is just 1 hour, and with the U.S. — 7-9 hours on average. This means that planning online meetings with the client will not be a problem for both parties. In addition, to get to any European country from Ukraine, it will take only a few hours to fly by plane. In addition, the Ukrainians are able to travel to the European Union in the visa-free regime.

2 European mentality

First of all, Ukrainians are hardworking specialists, as well as sincere and sociable people. They are very creative when it comes to providing useful recommendations for the client’s business. In addition, they are open to new ideas and challenges, and their qualifications allow them to compete in the global IT sector. Their professional approach can make everyone jealous!

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3 High level of education

The IT industry is becoming more and more popular among Ukrainian students. As the need for these specialists grows, many universities are opening new technical faculties where young people have the opportunity to study programming and IT-related disciplines. Graduates receive their bachelor’s and master’s degrees at the age of only 20-22 years, and upon completion of their studies, they are ready to start their careers in an IT company. Moreover, many students even before graduation start to accumulate practical experience working in IT companies. And for people who prefer to get knowledge even faster, there are many IT schools, intensive courses where you can learn specific technologies.

That is why the number of Ukrainian IT specialists is so large. According to statistics, in 2016 in Ukraine, there were 53 thousand developers, 11 thousand employees of the quality department, 8 thousand project managers and 8 thousand UI/UX experts. And these figures are constantly growing.

4 High level of foreign languages

Regular and clear communication is vital for successful cooperation. The most common second language among Ukrainian engineers is English, as well as French, German, Polish and often Russian. According to statistics, almost 70% of all Ukrainian IT engineers have either an average or high level of English. This helps to overcome the language barrier. It is a very popular idea that the IT industry cannot exist without knowledge of English, so almost every IT company arranges internal language courses for its employees. Regular assessment tests and conversation topics are included. There is no limit to personal growth!

5 Reasonable rates

The price of development services in Ukraine is quite competitive if we compare it with the rates in the USA or EU. At the same time, the quality is very high, so the team of developers from Ukraine can be an ideal option for foreign clients.

By moving IT development to Ukraine, customers can significantly reduce their costs. For example, the creation of a mobile application will cost the customer by 30 – 60% cheaper, if you involve a company that specializes in this task in Ukraine.

Ukrainian developers usually cost $30-50 per hour. However, the final rates depend on the experience, city, specialization, etc.

Software developers from Ukraine are a great alternative to professionals from the USA, European Union, and many Asian countries like India, Philippines or Pakistan. So, if you want to get high-quality work with reasonable pricing, hire a software development team from Ukraine.