The PDF format continues to gain popularity in different aspects and there are many reasons for that. One of the major reasons is that PDF is compatible with almost every device and operating system. This means that moving documents from one computer to another can’t be an issue as opposed to other formats.

PDF Converter

A PDF converter is a tool that’s used to convert word documents into PDF files. There are many reasons why people prefer having their documents in PDF format. One such reason is the ability to easily share files with other people without changing the quality of the document.

The good news is that converting documents to PDF is simple and takes very little time. All you need to do is get a converter that will be able to turn your word documents into PDF files without altering any information.

Here are top moments when you wish you had a PDF converter:

When you want to reduce paper consumption

Many companies and learning institutions use paper in their daily operations. It doesn’t matter whether it is a document copy, a report, or an agreement, you will need a paper to print out the document.

But if you would like to save on paper consumption and reduce operational costs, then switching to digital documents is the best option. This is where PDF files come in. You can store a lot of information in a single file and share it with anyone you want.

When transferring documents from one computer to another

If you are working in a large corporation or business environment, you are likely to receive documents from different departments of other companies. Most such documents come in different formats. This is because some people prefer using versions such as Microsoft Word or

Microsoft Excel to present data. The only way to manage such a situation is to convert those documents into PDF.

When you urgently need to edit a PDF

It is important to note that PDF files can’t be edited unless you convert them. Sometimes you may need to urgently send a document to a client only to realize that it is in a PDF format. The only option you have is to convert the PDF document into MS Word and edit it before converting it back again.

Protection of documents

This is another reason why most people prefer using PDF file formats. If you are dealing with sensitive information that you don’t want everyone to access, then the best option would be to convert documents to PDF and encrypt them with a password.

Use of digital signatures

The world has been transformed into a global village by technology. Sometimes, a client may be thousands of miles away and yet he or she is supposed to sign a document. But when you convert a document into PDF, they will be able to sign using a mouse.

In general, converting documents into PDF files gives you a lot of leverage in terms of control. For example, you can quickly edit and share them across different devices.