Troubleshooting a Disabled iPad
Troubleshooting a Disabled iPad

If your iPad is Disabled, then Find my iPhone feature can help you access it. This feature is designed to secure your device by chance it gets stolen or if you are unable to find it.

You can use the finding feature to fix “disable issue” make sure the iDevice and stolen device use the same iCloud ID. Moreover, this feature will only help your case if the device was connected to the internet before it was disabled. Just follow these steps:

  • Log into your iCloud using your ID and Password
  • Select the Find my Device option
  • If you have several devices synched into your iCloud, then choose the one you are trying to get access to
  • Once you have selected the disabled device, you have to select Erase iPad

Note: You should know that while doing this will restore your access, it will also restore your device to factory settings. This means that all the data inside your iPad will be lost. So, before you go ahead with this step, make sure you have a backup for all your data.

Not Connected to the Internet

As we said before, if you want to fix the device, you have to make sure it was connected to the internet. There are several ways to gain access if your iPad is Disabled. iTunes is open among many of these ways:

  • Use the cable that came along with your iPad and connects it to your computer
  • If the iTunes app isn’t launching by itself, you should launch it manually
  • Automatic synching should commence now; this will be the base on how you set up your device
  • Wait for the Sync process to finish and create a backup
  • Once done, you need to choose restore
  • Look for a setup screen, and once you reach this far, select restore
  • You need to look for the setup screen and once you reach this far, choose Restore from iTunes Backup. Now carefully select the device to assure you download the right backup file

This process should get rid of the password and let you use your device once again. Just make sure you have an old backup, so you won’t have to set up your device from scratch again.

Recovery Mode

If you are still wondering how to unlock disabled iPad, then try Recovery Mode! If you don’t have a backup, then this is your last bet. Yes, you will lose your data, but it’s ideal for people who have not synced their device with iTunes before. So, consider the following steps:

  • Connect the iPad to Computer and Launch iTunes
  • Launch iTunes Manually if it doesn’t start by itself
  • Once the iTunes launches, force restarts your device. At this point, you will give two choices, Restore or Update If you choose Update, then you need to download a few files before the device boots up again. If you don’t have the time, go with restore
  • Once done, you will see the password has been removed, and you can personalize your device any way you like

In case this doesn’t resolve your issue, try installing iskysoft toolbox.