Twitter app Tweetie for iPhone
Twitter app Tweetie for iPhone

For all Twitter users that have the Tweetie Twitter app, a new dawn has come with their upgraded Tweetie2 which is called “BigBird.”

Based on a preview that was provided by ChicagoNow’s Scott Kleinberg, he states that the new app seems totally different, in so many ways, that it could be a brand-new app and not a simple upgrade.

Among the many new features is a quick menu that gives the user an easier GUI, you can now send video tweets as well as conversation threading, draft management, and geotagging.

Loren Bricheter, the Tweetie2 app developer claims that the new app is not an upgrade, it is, in fact, a whole new app. The code was re-written to provide more flexibility as well as provide 3rd party services, and a lot of configuration chooses as well as access to all Twitter API settings.

There is a downside, as with all new apps, which this one is, and not an upgrade, comes pricing. So any Tweetie lover will need to part with $2.99 to download the new version. This is great news for Twitter since it will increase their profitability, but many users are upset, especially when you factor the single tweet views and the pinstripe backgrounds that some valued customers are not too happy about.

iPhone apps are perhaps the cause of this cost because the iPhone developers code does not allow for major updates to be added as an upgrade. Basic iPhone upgrades are small changes, which can be offered in different version numbering. However, when it comes to a major upgrade or re-write, iPhone will not identify it as an upgrade to an older version. Hence the new app and the cost to previous app holders.

Personally, I don’t see an issue with the price, $2.99 is a reasonable price for continued access to such a great service. I also don’t hold any stock in people that moan about a $3.00 app price, when you think about all the development hours and QC testing that went into producing a new app. Paying under $3 should not be a problem. If you don’t like the price, don’t buy the product, or stay with the old Tweetie.

The final build will most probably come a few weeks down the line; it looks like the beta testing has provided enough data to finish the product and have it on the market in July. This is supported by the fact that Twitter has already sent in the app to Apple for review.