Typography Grid
Typography Grid

Most of the designers think that typography is just selecting a typeface and choosing the font size that can be regular or bold. However, many detailing is included on the website. It makes the designers create the consistent and amazing typography in their layouts. However, many designers have complained that grids limit their creativity.

Many graphic designers in the post-modern era have started pushing the designing the boundaries by breaking off completely from the grid style. The digital expression has taken the modern form in the ‘Punk, and ‘New Wave’ styles. Although the graphic designers start with the typography grid but deviate from it usually as they begin creating excellent expressions. Here are some great ways to play with the Typography Grid without making anything a complete chaos.

Breaking the Typography Grid Rules

The Built With study reveals that the top one million websites globally are using WordPress that accounts for nearly 32.07%. The grid is the base of any of the websites-designing platforms, including the fine lines, images stacked properly, and much more. The designers cannot rely on the typography grid 100% and all the time. So, without making your website a total mess, you can still break the rules of using the grid. One can also take the services from the WordPress development company professionals. Let us now see some of the significant ways.

  • Understanding the Well-knit Grid System of Website: The Typography Grid is the main part of designing the website layout. Before breaking the rules, the designers need to understand the specific grid system. It will help in determining the placements of the elements and breaking them carefully so they can be stacked properly throughout the website.

The companies can take the WordPress development services from the professionals for changing the grid system. Although, the grid system keeps the designs aligned, contents working, website consistent but breaking the rules can add extra emphasis to the specific grid element. While breaking the design rules, one must keep in mind that it does not ruin the beauty of the website fully.

  • Do not Use More than Three Typefaces (Per Webpage): If the designer uses more than three typefaces on a particular webpage while breaking the typography rules, it seems like visual clashing and contradiction of styles. The use of cluttered type fonts is still present that can be used with the typeface trendsetter in the fonts used for every type case. During the WordPress development, the experts can carry out this breaking the typography grid rule for your company’s website.
  • Creation of Layers: As a website framework issues updates every time, it becomes necessary to upgrade to the latest version. According to WordPress.org statistical report, more than 62.4% of the developers use the most recent 4.9 version. This further assists in creating better elements on the websites. The creation of the layers by WordPress development company experts can take the chances with the elements of your website design.

The designers make sure that they maintain the unity in every layering element. Here the website designers create an offset balance amongst the white space and the typography grid. The tiny grids can also be witnessed that are making rounds on the internet with text alignment and navigation on the left with not any consistent pattern.

  • Use the Parallax Scrolling Technique: The WordPress development services providers can carry the offset element services with the parallax scrolling technique. This scrolling animation technique supports in breaking the grid in the vertical fashion but maintain the focus on the web content. Even few service providers can break the typography grid horizontally too. The amazing thing about using this parallax scrolling method is that the screen takes its own identity and the shape without providing the feel of matching the elements.
  • Addition of Purposeful White Spaces: According to a study by WordPress.com, more than 409 million people view 21+ billion web pages each month. There is a recent trend introduced while breaking the typography grid of creation of the white spaces. The reason that the WordPress development service providers or other framework experts are moving out of the grid is to put more emphasis on the right position in the white spaces.

Most of the designers mistake this creation for moving off the grid alignments. However, the designers can keep the grid seamless and aligned while breaking away to add the white spaces. Here the website developers can add the important content or call to action statement for the companies.

Under this, the similar items can be grouped together on the website, and different items can be ruled out. The creation of umpteen white spaces solves the purpose of the online marketers if the focus of your advertisement is to create attention towards sellers’ products.

  • Consider Breaking off Special Grid Elements: If the whole detailing of the grid system is not in a proper state, then it may end in a mess. So, to go off the typography grid, and if you are thinking to break the rules think about playing with some specific elements. The designers can start with the accent elements or the backgrounds to draw user’s attention.

The interesting images or shapes, the addition of bold colors, highlighting the important elements, showing off the offers to the users who are visiting the site with bold alignment, and much more. The grid lines that the designers are considering breaking the rules can be found amongst the white spaces or amongst the images. The occasional grid breaking can add a special touch to the website, but if it complements well, then it does belong to the same block elements.

  • Put the Big Headlines at the Top of the Website Page: The users start reading the headlines, and if they found it catchy, they continue with the text. The bigger the headline, the better it is. Many designers create bold and big headlines at the top of the website page to create an impact on the users. This makes the users stay on the website for much time if your content is also intuitive as your website topic headline.
  • Fundamentals of the Typography Grid System: The designers are breaking away from the grid system to create the websites that look attractive and stands out of the crowd. The website owners cannot ignore the fundamental system of the typography grid. Even if you are breaking the grid elements, it should still keep the site organized and fit into different sizes. The designer should carry out the following few things in the typography grid system.
  • It facilitates in working efficiently as the designers will come to know while breaking the rules of the grid that where to place the elements in a righteous manner.
  • The content should be in an organized manner and flowing in a stacked form on the website. The elements on the website should be lined up in the horizontal and vertical manner. They must follow the left to right and top to bottom approach while reading the content on the website.
  • The design must remain intact, as the designers should create right spacing between the elements of the website.
  • If you break the typography rules, then the website must throw a consistent look from the first web page to last.
  • The balancing of the site gives lesser challenge as the parameters and the grid in the website falls in one place. Here the designers scale the elements with set parameters.
  • Moreover, breaking the typography grid can put emphasis on the specific elements of the website and enhance your site in a great way.
  • Applicability of Animation on the Website: Animations are proving fruitful for increasing the website traffic. Many websites are using animations to create an impact on the target audiences of the business house. While breaking the rules in the typography grid, the animation and moving elements cross the invisible paths on the website screen.

These simple movements of the animated objects or elements can create visual satisfaction to the users. This makes the owner’s website more appealing from the marketing point of view, and users tend to visit the specific site repeatedly. The embedded videos and moving canvas on the website also increase the scenario of user engagement. The business owners can take the WordPress development services from the premier agencies to add the animations to their website.

  • Use Just Two Fonts in Designing: The basic rules of designing states that the websites must not use numerous types of fonts on their web pages. The effective scenario is created when one typeface establishes the relationship with another and not too many typefaces in the grid. If the designer has decided to break away from the typography grid system than they must not use more than two fonts.

The reason being it will help you to create a great design with amazing colors and compositions. The website designer must only focus upon the interaction of one font with another without breaking the harmony of the web page.

  • Establishing Set Patterns for the Website: The breaking of Typography Grid rules is really creating a buzz in the market. The website designers are creating the purposeful patterns and make it more appealing for the readers. The designers can redesign or recreate the existing sites in order to complete the patterns. They can also recreate the contents that come under the content audit. The content editor carries out the auditing of the content, but the designers’ job is to divulge in the contents and create beautiful website patterns.

The business owners can take the services from the WordPress development professionals who can check the minute detailing of the website. One thing worth noting is here that if the designers are creating a new website pattern, then the content can be added in a seamless manner. The designers can continuously work with the web patterns and break the rules according to the site’s demand.

  • Do Wonders with the Grid on the Website: The designers can create modern designing trends on the website by breaking away from the typography grid system. The designers from the WordPress development company can create amazing symmetrical designs that can revamp the symmetry of the website. You can use the tilting or wrapping of the texts. This can make your typography grid look lively.

The symmetry of the website can also include the attractive illustrations that can make the web development a fun-filled process. While breaking the rules, one must focus that the designs do not go out of the balance and when designed the composition provides a great look to the website.

Even the edges of the website can be used for creating a bold texture instead of filling the margins of web pages or brochures. To provide a sassy look get away with a little asymmetrical look that will make your website look distinct from other business websites.

Final Words

To sum up, it can be seen that the designers are using their expertise to bring a natural element to the websites by breaking the rules of typography grid. They create the illusion of breaking the grid but work within the grid elements too. This is done to create special effects and attractive designers to draw the user’s attention.

However, many designers think that they can break the typography grid anytime. It is not an easy task because if done in a wrong way it can add up creating a huge mess on your client’s website. This can be applied to one web page or a few sets of elements so that the website design does not go out of your hand. Moreover, breaking the rules sometimes can lead to considerable responsive and navigable features too. If it is done in a right way, breaking the rules for the grid can be great fun most of the times.

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