USA Car Rental
USA Car Rental

It’s difficult to deny that traveling by car is one of the most comfortable and attractive ways to explore new countries and visit places you have long dreamed of. That’s why many tourists, immediately after landing at the airport, try to rent a car for the duration of their vacation or business trip.

So, let’s talk about how, where and for how much money travelers can rent a car in the United States of America, as well as what difficulties inexperienced tourists may encounter and what features of this procedure they need to know.

Book a car in advance

If you want to save time on finding a car rental company and avoid long paperwork, we advise you to think over the option of reserving a car in advance. However, you need to focus on several factors at once:

  • the cost of car rental per day;
  • quality of service (you can rely on reviews of people who place them in special sections of the company’s websites or consult with friends and relatives who have already had this experience);

Online services are the most popular among travelers. You can complete the search for car rental companies, providing car rental in any specific US state – they all differ not only in the list of cars provided, but also in the list of possible risks.

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For example, some companies are ready to take on the cost of servicing a car, as well as its insurance for all unforeseen cases. Others try to shift the maximum responsibility to the client, which very often puts him in a difficult position.

Choose the right car rental company

Car rental in the United States offers many options. One of the easiest ways is to use the services of well-known rental companies – Avis, Enterprise, Budget, Thrifty, Dollar or Hertz. For example, if you want to choose Thrifty, then you need to check out Thrifty car rental USA contact to book the desired vehicle.

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However, experienced tourists don’t recommend contacting the company. It will be easier and faster, and most importantly, cheaper to search for a vehicle through car rental aggregators. By the way, intermediaries accept payment by credit card, which is very convenient for those who want to book a car in advance. After your payment, a voucher with details will be sent to your email, upon presentation of which you will be provided with a car immediately. Pay attention to the fact that it’s more profitable to rent a car with a full tank of fuel.

In addition, in 99% of cases for the conclusion of a car rental agreement, customers will need a bank card. Indeed, at the time of issuing a car, an insurance deposit will be written off and frozen, which most often doesn’t exceed the amount of $200-300. After returning the car, the amount charged will be refunded in full to your card in a few days.

Don’t forget about insurance

Insurance is a must-have thing when renting a car in the USA. Some agencies already include insurance in the rental price, and some offer it to the client as a separate option.

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Today, there are two main types of insurance for those who rent a car in America:

  • DW – Damage Waiver is not real insurance, but rather an option that allows you to shift all the risks of theft and damage to the car rental company. Without it, you will have to pay if the car is seriously damaged, even if it’s not your fault. The cost depends on the class of the car.
  • SLP – Supplemental Liability Protection involves third party liability insurance. If you are the cause of the accident, this insurance will cover the damage.

Since the imposition of additional services is one of the peculiarities of American management, employees of car rental companies will also offer additional types of insurance (for example, in case of a breakdown on the road or a punctured wheel). But the cost of such services is not commensurate with the real need for their purchase.

Select the desired car

Unfortunately, it’s not always possible to rent exactly the model that you would like. After all, when booking a car, the client indicates only the type of car -compact, economy, full-size, etc.

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When renting a car directly in the office of the company, you have to choose from what is currently on the site or what the manager will provide you.

Of course, if you rent a luxury or exotic car, for example, Ford Mustang, or Ferrari 458 Italia, you’ll get the specific car model. However, the services of such rental companies are more expensive.

Check out additional options

In the office of the rental company, each client is offered additional services, among which you can find the ones you need. These services include:

  • Full tank of fuel (gasoline will cost a bit cheaper, and there will be no need to drive around in search of a gas station);
  • GPS Navigation Device (will be useful for those who travel in the USA for the first time. In addition, the GPS system will save fuel by finding the shortest routes);
  • Child seat (suitable for those who travel with a kid);
  • A device for payment on paid sections of roads (it’s worth choosing this option to those who plan to travel a lot to cities where there are many toll roads);
  • One way option (allows you to take the car in one place and return it to another);
  • Additional driver option (the ability to drive a car will be given to one more person).