Everyone says the wealthy invest differently – but is it true? Like anyone, they’re concerned with growing their savings and seeing great returns on investments.

One of the biggest differences between wealthy investors and regular joes is that they invest to generate multiple income streams so that they are not exclusively reliant on their salary or equities returns. But they also have more money to worry about, and many invest more heavily in conservative assets.

You don’t have to be among the super-rich to make wealth preservation a goal. When you’re talking about your retirement portfolio, it pays to think like the wealthy to make sure you have a healthy nest egg waiting for you. These are some of the top unconventional investments that rich investors make for wealth preservation.

Gold Bullion

Gold tends to be among top picks for wealth preservation. Although only half a percent of the world’s wealth is invested in gold, it has time and again proven itself as a safe place to store your money during economic uncertainty.

Gold has several things going for it that make it so appealing:

  • It has a history of protecting savings through crises.
  • It has consistently been a shield against inflation through the long-term.
  • It gains the faith of investors during stimulus spending cycles as central banks flood the market with money.

Silver Coins

The great thing about gold bullion is that it’s set up for long-term wealth preservation. High net worth investors want that stability because you never know where the market is going to go. But silver can be more of a risk asset, and one that they can afford because they have money to throw around. There are two reasons silver appeals:

  • It has a higher upside than gold, growing faster but following the other metal.
  • You can also invest in rare coins with historical significance, blending precious metals with the role fine art might play in a high net worth portfolio.

When it comes to rare coins, there’s a level of excitement that comes with once-in-a-lifetime opportunities. It’s the kind of investment that’s great for people who want to be actively engaged. Even if you’re just looking for bullion, see why silver coins are one of the great financial investment opportunities in 2019 to add to your savings.

Fine Art

Fine art is among the most unique investment classes today, but the principles are not really that different from gold or real estate – it’s part speculation, part security. The biggest difficulty in gauging the fine art market for investment is that it’s driven by matters of taste rather than market fundamentals traders are used to.

There’s also almost no regulation compared to traditional investment classes. Insider trading is against the law for a reason – information is valuable, and the securities market would be hugely influenced by it. That principle goes for fine art, too, but in that world, it’s all about knowledgeable insiders. Fine art is not a market to enter lightly.

Among all of these, gold bullion is likely the safest and easiest. It’s easy to buy gold coins and bars and know exactly what you’re getting.