Make Money through Adult Tube Sites
Make Money through Adult Tube Sites

Who hates porn? Publically! Many. Privately! Not many, I guess. Porn is something that was there before Facebook, and people are still addicted to it more than Facebook or anything. You will find people who don’t like porn and also who are just cool about it and do not take porn as a taboo. It is just yet another business industry with its own set of target consumers.

Optimistically, the population of the latter category of people is way more than the former. That is why the adult industry is growing so massively. When Adult sites get more steady traffic than Netflix, Amazon, & Twitter combined, one cannot deny the fact that it is a profitable market for entrepreneurship. A $97 billion industry has too much to offer to all of its key partners.

Here in this article, I am going to explain how you can become one of its key partners by starting a porn tube site of your own. If you possess an intent to make a porn tube site, this article will answer two main questions that would come in your way of the same- 1. How to make a porn tube site? And 2. How to make money with a porn site? So, let’s get into it.

An easy way to make a porn site- Pornhub script

Pornhub, one of the biggest stakeholder in the adult video streaming industry, is the best example of how a porn site should look and operate. With seamless user experience, massive scalability, and flawless video streaming and downloading, this site has set a milestone for all those entrepreneurs who wish to start a porn site like Pornhub.

An easy, and in fact, the quickest way to do this is utilizing a readymade Pornhub script.

What is a Pornhub script?

Taking Pornhub as a milestone for porn websites, many adult video software developers have already developed full-fledged websites that look like Pornhub and possess all the features and monetization options similar to the giant website. You can also call them as Pornhub clone scripts.

How efficient are these clone scripts?

Cloning scripts of popular websites is an industry in itself. This is just a way to let clients know how their website would look on its full fledge. The efficacy of a Pornhub script depends on the following aspects-

  • A similar UI
  • A similar UX
  • A similar monetization model for the site owner
  • A similar dashboard for admin
  • A similar dashboard for contributors
  • A similar on-boarding of other key partners like advertisers, marketers, video content creators, porn stars and many.

Of course, you would not want to just start yet another Pornhub. Instead, you would love to re-shape the website design with your unique proposition and brand identity. That’s where these clone scripts can come handy, as they are fully customizable, while-labeled and developers can change the design as you require.

Are scripts costlier than developing one from scratch?

Not for sure. For developing a website from scratch requires a lot of research, time, money, and many powers. Not considering clone scripts, is same as re-inventing the wheel to make your own cart like your neighbor. You can just buy the wheel and invent a new design of a cart.

Why would you want to pay for the following unnecessary aspects when you can by-pass them-

  • Extra time
  • Dedicated team of
    • Developers
    • Designers
    • SEO experts
    • Marketers
    • Testers

A simple way is buying a readymade Pornhub clone script or any popular script and launching your site on the go. Be it PornTube, Brazzers, or Pornhub, there are clone scripts for each. In fact, all of them are similar enough, with just different names.

Moreover, you can check their live demo to inspect all the functionalities. If you feel you require anything more, you can just ask the adult video software vendor to customize the script. For whatever it is worth, it is cheaper than developing a script from scratch.

How to make money with a porn site?

Depending on the selected business model, porn sites make money through numerous approaches. In fact, adult video streaming sites can make money in more ways than a regular video streaming site does. Here are the ways to make money with porn site-

Choose a suitable revenue generation model-

These are the standard business models of any video streaming website. One can choose one all of the models to monetize the adult videos on his or her site.

Subscription based model (SVOD)

SVOD is a popular revenue generation model used by many well-known VOD services. Your adult video streaming business can equally utilize this model.

Brazzers revenue model is one of the prominent examples of porn sites with SVOD model.

What’s the process?

In the SVOD model, sites allow access to the videos only after the users subscribe to a plan. Users can subscribe to weekly, monthly, or yearly plans. Based on different plans, sites offer a different type of access.

Considering Brazzers business plan, a site can further expand the subscription plans to offer many value-added services attached. For example, it can offer costlier plans to allow HD or 4K streaming, while SD video can be accessed with cheaper plans.

Advertisement based model (AVOD)

World largest porn site operates on this model.

Xvideos is the most projecting and worldwide success story of sites of this category.

Xvideos uses AVOD as a tool for making money from advertisers while providing porn videos for free to users. Sites can embed video Ads in the video playback, and track ad revenue through dedicated Ad analytics for the adult industry, as Google AdSense does not accept Adult Ads.

A typical AVOD based porn site can utilize three types of Advertisement slots:

  • Pre-Roll – to show ads before starting the video playback.
  • Mid-Roll – to show ads in between the playback of a video.
  • Post-Roll – to show ads after a video has finished playing.

As per the duration of the video Ads, a porn tune site can support two types of Ads experiences to the users-

  • Skippable Ads- can be skipped after watching for few seconds.
  • Non-Skippable Ads- cannot be skipped before watching the full Ad video.

Transaction-based model (TVOD)

Here, instead of subscribing to a premium plan, users are allowed to pay only for the particular video they want to watch. Porn sites with this model may provide video access for a specific time (Download to Rent (DTR)) or can also offer permanent access (Download to Own (DTO)). The authorized user can also be allowed to watch, download, share, or do all three to the purchased video. One can also call this model as the ‘pay-per-view’ model.

Most of the websites do not rely on this model alone. Instead, they utilized a Hybrid model and embed some exclusively premium videos in addition to regular SVOD or AVOD videos on the site.

Hybrid model

As explained above, the hybrid model is a combination of two or more models from the above list. Sites utilize this model to leverage every other opportunity to make money from porn fans. Pornhub is a perfect example of a Hybrid model as it offers both free and premium content to the users.

Additional ways to make money with a porn site

In addition to the above standard methods, there are many white and dark ways to make money from an adult video site. However, I would like to mention only the authentic ways in the following list-

Affiliate marketing

If you have a website of your own with decent traffic, affiliate marketing is a good way to make some passive earnings. There are many adult specific brands and services with affiliate programs. You can sign for them and share those affiliate links on your website.

For instance, you can sign up to become a webcam model agent and earn commissions on the earning made by your referred models on webcam modeling sites.

Private live webcams

With some customization in your Pornhub clone script, you can also embed live cam facility on your site. Recruit cam girls and earn commissions on earning made through live cam shows on the site. Cam girls earn from the tips and donations they get from users during the live cam shows.

Fusion marketing

Fusion marketing is a way to promote a certain product or service with a demanded product or service. For example, when a user buys and downloads a video of ‘XYZ porn star’ on your site, you can trigger an additional download with that video of a preview clip of another popular video on your site. In this way, you fulfill the requested service but also promote some additional stuff.

Note: Many porn sites misuse fusion marketing and trigger unwanted and unrelated content with the requested content. It is not a healthy practice and completely unprofessional. While triggering an additional content, make sure to necessarily provide the requested content with it.

Embed third-party videos

Porn tubes like xVideos and PornTube operate on this model. Big websites pay smaller tube sites for embedding their videos. The original site earns from the ads embedded in the video player. Some big sites with SVOD and TVOD model promote their video previews or cut-scenes on these porn tubes so that users can visit and sign up for the full video access. The host site can also earn from the affiliate programs of the big sites.

Hence, this was the answer to two popular questions that needed to be answered for starting a porn site of your own. I hope, you now have a complete understanding of how to make a porn tube site and how to make huge money from it.



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