Medical Alert Bracelet
Medical Alert Bracelet

Older adults are vulnerable and susceptible to injuries that can be fatal if not attended to in time. To avoid such situations, many aging people opt to wear a medical alert bracelet that contains vital personal information. Majority of the bracelets includes information on the medical condition of the person and their next of kin to enable paramedics to make quick decisions in case of an emergency. The medical bracelets are usually discreet making them worth investing in for senior members of the family.

How do medical bracelets work?

Medical bracelets offer a guarantee to seniors that they will be taken care of in case of unpredictable injuries. The bracelets are built using the latest technology and are designed to safeguard the health and wellbeing of an older adult.

So, how do they work?

First, medical bracelets can only be useful if they are worn on the wrist as recommended by the manufacturer. The bracelet should be on at all times whether you are within the house or out in the compound. Majority of the bracelets have approximately a six hundred foot range that allows you to move freely and still get help in case of an emergency.

Second, pressing of the emergency button on the bracelet activates a wireless connection to the nearest medical base. The alert allows the response team to have a conversation with the affected senior to gather information on the problem at hand. In case, the senior cannot respond appropriately; a team will be sent over to administer emergency care until they are stable.

Third, the medical bracelet still works in the event of a blackout and recharges once electricity is back. It is therefore essential for seniors to be aware that they can work at such times so that they can call for help when in trouble.

Fourth, as soon as the affected senior has been secured and under the care of medical personnel, their loved ones are contacted and given an update on their current condition. Also, most medical personnel that are part of the response team are often willing to keep a senior company until their caregiver arrives.

Buying guide for medical alert bracelets

Investing in medical alert bracelets is the best gift one can give to a senior living alone or one that wants to enjoy peace of mind. Fortunately, many companies are offering various type of bracelets making it easier to find one that meets your needs. Apart from buying a medical bracelet that matches your lifestyle, here are some other things to consider before making a purchase.

  • It should be comfortable to wear

Most medical alert bracelets are easy to slip on the wrist or around the neck as a pendant. These devices are designed to be easily seen in case a senior needs help from the nearest medical center. It is essential to consider the preferences of the wearer when deciding on the best one to buy so that it does not stand out a lot. Additionally, make sure the bracelet is lightweight and comfortable so that they do not irritate the skin.

  • It should have a battery backup

Medical bracelets must remain powered at all times, which makes it essential for it to have a battery backup. Ensure that the bracelet can continue to power on even when there is no power so that the person wearing it does not feel stranded. Also, confirm the number of hours it can remain active when away from a power source before buying the bracelet.

  • It should cover a wide range

Since medical alert bracelets should not make seniors feel like they are in prison, it is important that they cover a wide range. The range should allow them to move within the house and outdoors without feeling restricted and still be able to contact the emergency response team in case of any situation. Additionally, push buttons that connect to the device should be spread across the house to allow the user to press on them and call for help in case they do not have their bracelet on their wrist.

  • It should have a motion sensor

The ability to detect when the wearer of the bracelet has fallen and cannot respond manually is a feature that should be integrated into all medical bracelets. According to the Expert Philips Lifeline Review 2019, it has a fall detection sensor that gives the person wearing the bracelet thirty seconds to respond before notifying the nearest emergency center. The feature is important and should be a priority when buying a medical alert bracelet.

  • It should have location technology

Majority of senior citizens are still active and independent, making them easier to keep track with through a medical alert bracelet. Ensure that the bracelet you buy can narrow down the exact location of the individual through GPS so that they can be traced quickly. Location technology is also great for persons with disabilities as they can be easily be reached in case they are damaged. If possible, ensure that the locator is always on even when showering so that you can be contacted.

  • It should connect to medical personnel

It makes no sense to have a medical bracelet that cannot alert the nearest medical center about an emergency being experienced by a senior citizen. Before buying the bracelet ensure that it connects the user to the qualified medical center and staff that will help them out in their time of need. The center should be open both day and night to enable seniors to seek help whenever they needed it.

All in all, buying a medical alert bracelet for your parents or other seniors is a great way to keep tabs on them without having to intrude into their personal lives. The bracelets are affordable and discreet, whether on the wrist or around the neck, making them an excellent addition to their routine.