Is your mind bombarded with questions like “should I learn German?” or “why learn German?” Then read through this blog to gain some good reasons as to why you should consider learning the German language. If you look at the list of most speaking languages in the world, the German language has around 100 million speakers, and it is the most spoken language in the European Union.

  • Study at German universities: Learning German can enable you to pursue a degree program in any German university at a very low price. International candidates coming from continents other than Europe can benefit from free education in Germany. Although most courses are offered in English, having proficiency in the German language is always considered as an add-on. German is also one of the most commonly spoken languages in the scientific community. This is considered an advantage for those who want to publish their research in a foreign language.
  • Easy to learn: The German language seems to be easy for English speakers to grasp and become fluent in. Unlike other foreign languages, both English and German belong to the Germanic branch of the Indo-European language family. This is the reason behind German words and expressions being similar to those in English. So, if you are fluent enough in English, giving the German language, a shot is definitely worth it.
  • Most spoken language in Europe: German is not only the most widely spoken language in the world but is also the most spoken native language in the European Union. Germany has successfully reached this record as many European residents take up German as their second language. This language also holds top rankings in the most taught foreign-language category.
  • Career opportunities: Germany has the biggest economy in Europe and is considered one of the largest economies in the world. This country is home to many international corporations and brands that are recognized globally. Adding German language skills on your resume can help your career in several ways. Furthermore, the major cities in German are considered hotspots for start-ups and innovative businesses. Therefore, learning the German language can open doors to endless opportunities in the city of your dreams.
  • Find a larger audience: If you possess effective writing skills in German, you get to discover a whole new outlook of the internet platform. A few German phrases here and there can increase the strength of the audience of your personal blog by leaps and bounds. Also, if you are involved in the tourism industry, then you can feel free to interact with German speakers.

If you want to make more money or interested in pursuing or strengthening a career in business, then the best way to make yourself stand out is by learning a new language. Apply for German classes in London to experience language learning from a different perspective!