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Introduction is a skin therapy system of ointments developed from natural products and used to enhance the skins nutrients and hydration factors. The company was founded by actor and model Andy Hnilo after he was involved in a serious accident, being hit by some large trucks.

Andy was an athlete and model, and his body was (and still is) his business too. After the accident, Andy teamed up with some like-minded entrepreneurs to start up a venture into the world of skin moisturizers and masks but made from anti-laboratory, anti-GMO and anti-chemical products.

The Products

There are 12 specific products for sale, either individually or as packs. Great products and I have got a piece of even better news for you. Go to Alitura Naturals Coupons and get big discounts. Some are even upto 90% off. Moving on to the product list:

  1. Alitura Presence; this is a fragrance spray
  2. Santal Black; this is a fragrant skin and body oil
  3. The Alitura Clay Mask; this is an all in one face mask treatment
  4. The Alitura Moisturizer; this is a 95.4% organic skin moisturizing compound.
  5. The Alitura Night Cream; this is an all-night hydration and face protection cream
  6. The Alitura Gold Serum; this is a skin revitalizer serum that creates a radiant glow
  7. The Alitura Pearl Cleanser; this is the skin cleanser to be used before applying creams and serum
  8. The Alitura Body Lotion; this is an all body cream to hydrate and protect your skin all over
  9. The Alitura Razor; this is a solid brass razor designed for smooth and long-lasting performance
  10. Alitura Revitalize; this is a dietary supplement for skin revitalization
  11. The Alitura Derma Roller; this is a derma roller made with 600 Titanium Microneedles

There are 6 packs designed to combine different products for specific focuses.

  1. The Alitura Perfect Pair
  2. Alitura Instant Radiance Package
  3. Alitura Ultimate Skincare Package
  4. The Alitura Skincare Collection
  5. The Alitura Clay Mask 3 Pack
  6. The Alitura Family Pack

Site Visuals and Navigation

The site is designed for a clean and simple look, with a focus on content. Navigation is easy, and the site gives you all the details you need about each product their contents and the application.

The site focuses on the history of the company, the founder, and provides an easy to reach product page with informative descriptions and videos of each product.

The testimonials page provides you with photos of before and after and clients descriptions of their experience and results.

There is an informative blog section that gives monthly articles, and a podcast link page where Andy presents his online and media presence.

The FAQ page is very well done, informative and answers just about every question that you can think of regarding the products and which one to use and how to apply them.


Alituranaturals is an all-natural product that is designed to clean up skin imperfections and make your skin smooth and radiant. The products are priced in a boutique range, and the site promotes affiliates and wholesaling. The bottom line is that this is a great product to try out and is 100% natural and is perfect for both women and men.