Back to School
Back to School

The words back to school sound like heaven. You are imagining the house without the kids, being able to successfully do errands. Even if you come home early before school gets out, the house is quiet, and you get to relax.

Let’s go a little crazy here; you might even be able to take a nap! Or, go into your undercounter ice makers, get some ice and blend up a daiquiri.

And then, a commercial on the television plays.

There’s the familiar voice of the overly cheerful woman raving about shopping for clothes and school supplies. Now the tables have turned. The vision of you enjoys a slushy from ice that was secure in your commercial ice makers are gone.

3 Back to School Shopping Tricks to Make Everything Easier

Your kids are excited about the cool new gear and stuff they’ll get, while your bank account is screaming in pain. To ease all parties back into the school year, here are the top three back to school shopping tips that make everyone happy.

1. Shop the Sales Rack

There are plenty of cute clothes from tank tops, skirts, and short sleeves that are overflowing the sales racks.If you live in a hot weather climate area like Florida, the summer sale clothes can most likely be worn year around. Even with fall on the way, you can pair those summer items with a nice jacket or layer it up.

You can always find some great pieces hidden deep in the middle of a sales rack. The only downfall that comes with this is having the patience to sort through all the clothes to find the perfect pieces. But, if you can do so, it’s highly recommended.

2. Start Early

School sales always make it seem like you’re getting a great deal while it’s happening. Most of the time you can buy those items cheaper if you shop earlier. The Associated Press wrote 7 Ways to Save on Back to School Clothes Shopping, where they share the best months to buy jeans, coats, tanks and even name brand items.

3. Research

The more you research the top brands and stores that you love to visit, the easier it is to track their sale habits. Visit the company’s online website, most of the time, there’s a coupon online waiting to be printed and used.

Wrapping Up a Smooth Shopping Experience

These tips can be implanted all throughout the school season. Prepare yourself and save some time by shopping for next year during the current year.

To save a little more money, some financial institutions do offer great money back options.

There’re plenty of apps for your smartphone that you can download that will take your receipt and give you cash back on certain items. Apps like Cartwheel by Target, Ibotta and even Ebates. Download them and get started on saving today.

With all the money you’ll save, that Manitowoc ice machines can go on your Christmas list. You can say hello to endless smoothies.