Even though we have grown used to taking in bad news when it comes to individual cybersecurity the things seem quite bright. It turned out that a simple combination of beneficial behavior and good software will adequately defend your data security in almost any situation.

That being said, you will need to practice things like cyber hygiene and password upkeep. But, as we are spending an increasing amount of time on the internet – that should become something you would do by default.

The logic is quite simple. Same as you wouldn’t go around telling your whole life story to anyone you meet IRL, you shouldn’t do that online. And, you should restrict the number of people who are able to find out.

Similarly, we should always remember to use our protective apps. Things like a VPN, anti-spyware, and antivirus programs should be enabled as much as possible, and on all devices.

Additionally, as the games and entertainment, we enjoy online is requesting an increasing amount of our private data, we should extend these behaviors and apps to this aspect of our online presence.

You want to be relaxed when playing online, and not wonder if you have a good time playing your favorite online slots that would compromise your system.

Better than Expected

There is a constant arms race between those that want to steal your data and those who would help you protect it. In many ways, it is a constant balance that forces the evolution of tech in this regard.

But, for a better part of the decade, there is a visible advantage for the defenders. This is mainly because of the ridiculous amount of data present, making it hard to distinguish between junk and value.

In many ways, those who practice good cybersecurity habits are protected by the fake information they will put online, as well as those individuals who are careless enough to offer their real data on the platter.

And who would have thought that lying on the internet might be the thing that will save the world?

Cybersecurity is a Must

There is no longer a discussion if you need to have security software on your devices. Most operating systems like Windows, macOS, and Android now come with a full array of cybersecurity protocols pre-installed.

On top of this, you should use VPN and anti-spyware software to scrub your device from malware and spyware regularly.

This will prevent metadata and sporadic information from being collected somewhere, making it easier to target your devices and information if you are noticed. And if you are out there, either through social media or personal interactions, such software should be mandatory.

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Password Protection

It is possible to save your passwords the old-fashioned way, by printing out a list and penning them all down. Keeping your passwords on paper is 100% effective against hacking as even the best hackers in the world can’t hack pen and paper.

But, there is always a chance that you will lose the sheet, or throw it away by accident. At that point, you are up for the task of restarting all of the passwords that you need and doing the whole process again.

Otherwise, you can use some of the password managers online that will keep all of your passwords in check and even allow you to quickly change them. You will need to remember and change your master password, but that would be significantly easier than remembering dozens.

Low Gaming Profile

Most gamers will use tags when playing, and you should generally keep your information at that point for all of the online games you are engaging in. These servers are usually not impervious because a lot of people need to work on them, making everything less safe.

But, there is a sneaky solution to this. You should imagine not only your character that is playing but also your persona as a gamer. Place in a wrong name and age in your profile and let anyone trying to hack it hit a brick wall.

Alternate Gambling Account

Ironically, gambling is now much safer than most other endeavors online, mainly because of the regulation. But, this doesn’t mean that you should simply barge in.

All of the rules as they are for gaming apply here as well, as well as few others. A good idea would be to have a separate debit card, one that can even be in a different bank from your main account, and use that as your gambling account.

This way, if there is a major issue your risk will be limited. And, if you find yourself winning a jackpot at an online casino, you will be able to use your winnings as easily as if they were on your main account.