rookie traders

Who doesn’t wants to live a luxurious life? People are always working hard to ensure their financial freedom. Despite all the hard work, people often struggle to support their family. Due to the ongoing crisis in the global economy, getting a decent job has also become very difficult. But some smart people have managed to overcome such problems by becoming a successful Forex trader.

The recent technological advancement allows the retail traders to trade the market with even with a small amount of money. But sadly this not helping most of the traders. According to a recent study, more than 95% of the retail traders are losing money. Though there are many reasons behind such catastrophic failures, we will highlight the major problems.

Overtrading the market

Overtrading is one of the major reasons for losing money in the Forex market. You might think you know the details of this market and start trading the market in the lower time frame. This will result in heavy loss. If you analyze the trade history of the successful trader, you will find one thing in common. They never overtrade the market. You have to find the best trades in the higher time frame to reduce the risk exposure. Join the professional trading network in the United Kingdom and see how the pro traders deal with this market. Try to think like a sniper. You have just got one shot, and you can’t afford to make any mistakes. With such dedication, you can dramatically improve your trading performance.

Trading with a small balance

Very few traders actually understand the dangers of having a small trading account in the options trading industry. Most of the time, the new traders don’t asses the risk facts since they don’t have a big amount in their trading capital. But such an approach always results in heavy loss. But if you start to trade this market with big capital, you will be more careful with your trade executions. Most importantly, you can easily support your family by making a consistent profit without taking a huge risk. Before you consider trading as your fulltime profession, make sure you think twice. Without having a decent investment, you are most likely to lose a huge sum of money.

Trading with emotions

At times, you might get a huge profit by trading the market with gut feelings. Gut feelings are a sign of immaturity. If you truly intend to make some real progress in the trading profession, make sure you have complete control over your greed. Trading is not a shortcut way to get rich. Just like any other business, you have to follow the basic guidelines and trade this market with logic. Stop trading the market with aggression after losing a few trades. Losing trades are just a part of this profession. If you learn to embrace the losing orders, you will find peace in trading. Train your mind properly so that you can manage your investment like a pro trader.

Trading with too many indicators

The new traders don’t really understand the proper use of indicators. They simply use too many indicators with a hope to find the best trades. Such an approach always results in catastrophic disasters. You need to trade the raw price data based on a simple price action confirmation signal. Stop thinking about EAs, bots, and indicators. The best way is to learn price action trading strategy since it will help you to trade the key support and resistance level. We are not telling you to stop using the indicators, but you must not use more than two indicators at a time. Try to keep things simple and focus on the simple logic. Use the demo account of Saxo to create a simple trading strategy so that you can make a profit in the long run. Consider this as your business and play with logic to become a profitable trader.