Promoting a product the right way isn’t rocket science. There’s no one set formula to follow. You base your promotional efforts on the people who buy your products. You want your new product to appeal to them, which is why you come up with an idea to promote your new offering. Trial and error are a big part of marketing your business, so remain flexible and ready to try a different approach if one idea fails you.

Some highly effective ways to promote a product are listed below for you to refer to. This short but comprehensive guide serves as a valuable resource for you as you discover new ways to sell without seeming pushy. It offers sound guidance that makes your promotions strong and relevant.

#1: Optimize Your Products’ Meta Tags.

Saif Abbas, Head of Growth at, says that “The best way to increase the visibility of your products is by optimizing the meta tags (Page title, heading, URL Slug, meta description, image alt tags) and by promoting your products through guest posting and social mentions.” Making it easier for your customers to find you and your products online is imperative to your success. Meta tags make it possible for search engines to identify relevant content. When a customer enters a keyword or phrase, they’re able to find your products because of the labels you’ve given them.

It’s not enough to make your product available. You want it to be visible from the search engines to the social media accounts to your eCommerce store. One should lead to the other to cross-promote your offerings. It’s a great way to build credibility, too, as people who are new to your business can find it online in multiple places as opposed to one.

2: Create Stand Out Videos That People Want to Watch.

If you’re new to creating video content, you’re probably not aware of the importance of good editing software. Without it, you stand a good chance of losing the customer’s attention before they’ve finished watching the video. One of the best ways to prevent this from happening is to invest in good video software.

FilmForth is one option that people I know use because it’s 100 percent free. It’s user-friendly and requires very little training to operate. You can shoot video and then polish it by removing footage and adding transitions to make it appear more professional. It’s the video editor of choice for many business owners because of how easy it is to use.

#3: Put Your Stamp on Every Single Detail.

If you want people to recognize your name, logo or slogan, make sure to include it on everything, including the shipping labels (like the one offered by enKo) that you have printed to use. Imagine how excited people will be when they see your logo printed on the label of the package they’ve just had delivered.

You can even use Instagram Stories as a way to strengthen your brand. You can create consistency through a custom font or image that you include in your posts. Crafting a unique hashtag is also helpful. Hootsuite reports that 500 million people use Instagram Stories daily, which helps your chances exponentially of people seeing your product.

#4: Be Genuine With Your Approach.

Your customers see hundreds of pieces of advertising each day. Yours doesn’t need to get lost in the mix. It can stand out by appealing to their senses, making them feel like they belong or giving them something they can’t stop feeling excited about. Being authentic in your approach to engage your customers is one of the most successful ways to get them interested in the products that you’re promoting.

Forbes mentions that one of the benefits of authenticity is the way it builds trust in your brand. People learn to associate you with the messaging that you put out. They get to know your brand as one that they frequently interact with and receive satisfying results from when voicing concerns or asking questions. You take on the role of an expert in whatever industry you work within.

#5: Ask Your Customers to Show You How They Use Your Product.

Instead of being the one that tells them how to use a product, let your customers do it for you. Put up a message on Facebook and Instagram that uses a hashtag that you’ve custom created for the item. Then, ask that your customers tag you in the content they create of them using your products.

There are two things that you achieve by doing this. The first is that you’re opening the door for your customers to tell you their stories. You’re also allowing their experiences to be the driving force for your promotional campaign. You’re merely giving them the platform needed to share how your products have changed their lives.

Become a Boss When It Comes to Product Promotion

Promoting a product effectively takes skill. It requires you to access the tools you have available by putting them to good use. By continually thinking outside the box and looking for new ways to reach the customer, you’ll have better luck growing your business. You’ll find new and improved ways to appeal to your target demographic, who you’re constantly reminding of your presence in one way or another.