Getting a military challenge coin for the first time?

Did you know that the President himself can give military challenge coins to soldiers? It’s to recognize and honor members of the military.

Military challenge coins go beyond that; they have a rich and extensive history. These coins have been around for a long time, but many still haven’t got an idea of how it works.

How do military challenge coins work? Don’t worry, we’ve got a guide for you. Read on below to dive right into it:

1. The History Behind Challenge Coins

You can trace ancient challenge coins to the Roman military coins. No one knows for sure when or where modern military challenge coins came from.

However, there is a famous story about how a pilot made a medallion with his squadron’s insignia that later save his life and some cite this as the start of modern military challenge coins.

US Military used it as a token for their soldiers’ bravery and loyalty. It’s also used to differentiate allies from enemies, meaning they can use coins to identify spies that might be infiltrating their bases for information.

2. How Can You Get One?

Some organizations used the coin as a form of recognition. This is a great way to show a united front. Coins can represent excellent work and/or displays great loyalty.

During wartime, officers gave coins via handshake to keep it discreet, away from prying eyes.

If you want to have a coin for yourself and/or your organization, you can find the best custom challenge coins at You can have a customized challenge coin featuring a design that you like!

3. How Do Military Challenge Coins Work?

How does a challenge play out? To win a coin check, you need to catch them off-guard. If someone fails to produce their coin, they lose the challenge. But if everyone presents their coins to you, you lose.

If you are the one initiating the coin check, there are some things you need to keep in mind.

The challenge coin rules of engagement require you to announce your challenge in a way that everyone can hear and see. You also need to be clear whether it is one drink or a round of drinks. Once someone losses to the coin check, they can’t be in the next coin check for that day.

4. Initiating the Challenge

Did you found the perfect time to start the coin check?

To start the challenge, you need to take out your coin. As stated on the rules, everyone needs to acknowledge that you are issuing a challenge.

There are many ways to do this. You can talk, shout, or anything verbal that will capture the attention of the ones you want to initiate the challenge with.

If you want to do it more discreetly, that’s okay too. You can put it on the table or floor for everyone to see. Be sure to do it hard enough to produce a noise loud enough to hear it, but not hard enough to leave a mark.

Challenge coin rules state that if you drop your coin on the ground by accident and it makes a sound from the impact, you had initiated a coin check even if you didn’t mean it. You can consider it a punishment for not being careful enough with your coin.

4. How to Respond

If someone caught you off-guard and initiated a challenge, you need to produce your coin or pay the punishment, which is often a round of drinks. You must have your coin on your person at any given time.

You’ll never know when they will start a coin check.

One important thing to keep in mind is that you should never hand over your coin as a response to the challenge. If you do, the person now owns your coin.

Of course, there will be times you won’t have the coin with you. When that happens, you must put it somewhere close to you. You can reach out for it but you can only have four steps and an arm’s length to get it.

If you still aren’t able to get your coin after that, you’re out. You have to accept defeat and ready your wallet for drinks.

5. Code of Behavior

Keeping challenge coins comes with a specific code of behavior. Be responsible enough to clean it ever now and then. If you lose the coin, you should replace it as soon as possible.

This is not an excuse to not be up for the challenge. You are honor-bound to treat everyone on a drink depending on the challenger’s demand. If you don’t have a replacement on time, it’s your fault and you’ll have to accept defeat.

You can let other people see your coin by placing it on a table and let them examine it. Anyone that is ‘holding’ your coin can’t start a challenge. They are under obligation to return it to you after.

It’s also impolite to announce a challenge to someone who doesn’t know the rules. If someone gave you a coin, they are under an obligation to tell you the rules of the challenge. After that, they are free to challenge you anytime.

Discover More About Military Challenge Coins

How do military challenge coins work? We hope this guide provided the answers you seek; don’t hesitate to give it a try to experience it yourself. This is a great way to not only have some good time, it also gives a sense of belonging to everyone that has it.

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