Figuring out how to find the right car takes weeks or months of research. On top of that, it’s likely the most expensive thing you’ll ever own, second only to your house.

And finding the right dealership is going to be a major factor in how you look at your buying experience. Depending on the dealership you choose it, it can save – or cost – you hundreds or thousands of dollars.

Here’s exactly how to find the right car dealership.

Look Out For Too Much Advertising

Also, pay attention to the deals they advertise. Are they too good to be true? (Hint: if so, they probably aren’t true.)

Do they advertise deals most people likely aren’t qualified for? This is another unscrupulous tactic to get people into a dealership so that they can then sell you on a more expensive deal.

Do Your Research

Look at their reviews. Read three-star reviews, as they tend to list both the pros and cons of a business. But also pay attention to their overall rating.

Check them out on Better Business Bureau and see what people say about them there. BBB is so highly respected Google uses BBB ratings as part of their algorithm.

Investigate Their Site

You can learn a lot about a dealership by what they post on their site. How easy is it to find their phone? Do they have multiple ways you can contact them?

What are their hours like? Are they there to meet with people outside the traditional 9-5?

Do they have a mission statement? This is a small thing, but it can imply the dealership cares about their customers.

Look to see if a dealership has these details. It can mean they’re more eager to meet with customers, and they’re not afraid of you reaching out.

Ask People You Know

Of course, the best people to talk to to find the best dealership will be the people you know in your community.

Do you know anyone who works for a dealership, or they have in the past? Do you know anyone who has bought a car from a dealership recently? What was their experience like?

Do your friends know anyone who bought a new car recently? What was their experience like?

The best way to know what a dealership such as Team Lincoln is like, is to talk to the people who have done business with them in the past. So ask around and see what people have to say.

Learning How to Find the Right Car Dealership Comes Down to Research

If you’re trying to figure out how to find the right car dealership, it comes down to research. Read the reviews, watch their commercials and look out for scams, and talk to people you know.

Choosing the right dealership can turn the buying experience from stressful to exciting. Plus, it can save you hundreds to thousands of dollars.

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