Every month, roughly 565,000 startup companies launch in the U.S. Out of these, over 90 percent of them fail.

Why is that?

Well, for most, the reason they fail is that they make mistakes they could have prevented. If you can be aware of such mistakes, you can succeed in business by averting them. It can also allow you to work on things that create more value.

Here are the five tips to know before launching a startup.

Secure Enough Funding

Without enough financial resources, your business will not stand a chance. You’ll need to prepare for more spending past raising funds for capital. Perhaps for a small or part-time startup with no employee salaries, equipment, or overhead to worry about, it may cost less.

Otherwise, if you’re planning to operate a business from a brick-and-mortar structure, prepare to spend megabucks to launch and keep the company running.

Avoid Working Solo

Did you know that startups with single founders have higher chances of failing?

The truth is, managing a business solo isn’t easy. You’ll get emotional pressure from different day-to-day activities that sometimes may make you feel like jumping ship. On such days, you can bet you’ll make poor decisions which can cause the shutdown of the business.

If possible, try co-partnering. That and support from mentors and advisors can be incredibly beneficial to you on the rocky road to starting a business. Over time, you can hire independent contractors and service providers to supplement your business.

Grow Your Financial Skills

Around 82 percent of small businesses fail due to cash-flow problems. To prevent yours from failing, prepare to advance your accounting and scalability skills. This means familiarizing yourself with all metrics associated with your business and following them to the latter.

Remember that if you don’t do proper accounting, you may get bombarded with legal charges from the state, service providers, or employees. To avoid that, plan for how you’ll make accountable financial statements. Sites such as allow easy online pay stub and W-2 form generation.

Start Small

Don’t dive into entrepreneurship with high expectations. If possible, start by self-funding your startup, then move on to funding when you’ve built your image. This might mean releasing one product at a time instead of putting out an entire catalog of products.

Also, don’t strive to be a perfectionist. As an entrepreneur beginning their journey, expect to experience bumps along the way. Figure out how you’ll learn from them to help you to become a successful business owner in the future.

Know the Rules

Other entrepreneurial tips like complying with legal regulations are a must if you want to succeed in your launch.

Before you begin to launch, make sure that you know the business registration procedure, the licenses to get, and the taxes you need to pay. In case of trouble, know how you can reach an attorney, insurance agent, or any other professional.

Get Prepared Before Launching a Startup

Now that you’ve known how to prepare before launching a startup, what more are you waiting for this 2019? Use these easy tips and let your entrepreneurial dreams come true. Follow this blog for more.