You and thousands of others are among those moving this spring/summer season. I recommend calling and arranging a couple of moving estimate appointments today. Now, of course, you can schedule your local residential or commercial move via phone. However, if you’re moving a large home, or relocating to another city over 50 miles away, or even conducting a long distance move, you will need an in-home estimate.

An in-home moving estimate is a free service provided by most reputable moving companies such as Matco. In some cases, the moving consultant may attempt to sway you away from scheduling an estimator appointment, but remember you’re the customer. An estimator appointment is designed to help you appropriately plan for moving day. There are a number of benefits to scheduling an estimator appointment. Review the list below:

  • Face to face meeting with your moving consultant.
  • An opportunity to explain which items are going and which are not.
  • Receive one on one answers to questions.
  • Creates a realistic picture of your moving expenses.
  • Written moving quote with a listing of services.
  • Able to compare written moving estimates with others.

The personalized quote and details you get during an in-house moving estimate appointment are way better than those discussed over the phone conversation or online booking session. Don’t get me wrong. Over the phone and online moving quotes can be rather beneficial to the on-the-go consumer and even those who are only moving a small apartment or home. However, when considering conducting a large home move across town or across the country, schedule an estimator appointment. Please note most moving estimators don’t conduct same-day appointments or meetings after 5 pm and on weekends.

I always recommend scheduling at least three appointments but no more than five. This way you’re able to appropriately compare services and pricing. Remember, it’s important to disclose all of the necessary details surrounding your relocation. During your estimator appointment, note items (i.e., flat screens, plasmas, china hutches, items with large glass, etc.) needing special attention. A good estimator will usually identify those items before you and assure you that special precaution will be used when handling them. Fees are sometimes associated with special packaging of fragile items.

Many moving supply companies are specialized in making wardrobe boxes. You can move your clothes and other bedding materials in these boxes in good condition. There are also packages available made of plastic material. Such boxes are durable enough and can be reused many times. It will be helpful if you maintain the label system. Labels on the boxes show a list of contents in that box.

When you receive the written moving estimate, it will list the services and a bottom line price your move may cost. This moving quote is not to exceed rate. Your move may cost less, but it will not go over the quoted amount. If you’re moving soon, call a few friends to ask who they recommend, or even check the BBB or ProMover site for good movers in your area. Once you find ’em, set your in-home estimator appointments and get going!