Decals Rocket League

While Rocket League offers a very engaging vehicular soccer multiplayer experience, the game delivers a bit more. The developers have introduced various visual customizations players can unlock and obtain. One of these customization options is decals.

With decals, players can make every vehicle unique and customize it to achieve breath-taking looks. However, not all decals are created equal. They vary not only in how they appear but also in how hard they are to obtain. It created a certain decals-craze in the Rocket League community.

Below you can find the most wanted decals in RL.

Fire God

Due to its cool looks and unusual coloring, the Fire God decal has quickly become very popular. Plus, you can change the secondary color in Fire God to change the fire color. However, Fire God a mystery decal and a Balck Market Decal. It means that it is quite hard to obtain, which clearly affected its price on the RL decals market.

The chances to obtain Fire God in-game are pretty slim. You will have to trade with other players to obtain it. Or, you can take your RL trading to a platform where you can sell or buy RL decals, including Fire God, for real money.


Dissolver is another most wanted RL decal. It resembles the one of Fire God, but it still offers a unique visual experience. As a Black Market decal, Dissolver remains one on the specter of elusive decals. Its rarity and fresh looks made it quite famous.

If you are interested in getting Dissolver, get ready for some price negotiations. It comes with a substantial price tag, given that there is a massive demand for it.


Do you want to play soccer with an intergalactic car? If you do, the Interstellar decal is definitely worth your attention. The decal design is fantastic. It makes your vehicle appear as if it had a real galaxy instead of regular car paint.

The skin is so popular that almost every active RL player wants to get their hands on it. Ever since it was released, the Interstellar deal was a highly-priced item on the RL market.

Painted Rizer

Painted Rizer is a Black Market decal. Painted Rizer can turn any car into a stunning masterpiece with unique colors and cylindric pulsing animations. The Painted Rizer decal was only obtainable during Season 1 via creates and cups.

Even though it can no longer be obtained in the game, Painted Rizer is still among the most wanted decals. Whether it is thanks to its looks or rarity, we’ll leave it for you to decide.


As the name suggests, the Mainframe will help you turn your car into a wild circuit board able to score the impossible goals. The decal brings an animated circuit board car cover. Mainframe achieves its unique look due to the lines it features.

These lines light up to make the car look as if the beams of energy are pulsing through it. Since it is one of the most wanted RL decals, be ready for some serious trades coming your way.


20XX is a decal of Black Market rarity. Let us remind you that this is the highest item rarity category in Rocket League. It is an aesthetically pleasing decal able to turn any car into a unique 4-wheeler. The decal was initially released in 2017, yet it is still one of the most wanted RL decals out there.

Obtaining 20xx should not be that hard. Although popular among players 20XX was never one of the most expensive decals on the market. Find a player who has one available for the trade, and make sure you don’t overpay for it.


Biomass is an Octane body decal. It features a very unique design. It reconciles two opposite sides – mother nature and mechanics. Biomass adds animated nature to the car. The animation is slow, and it moves across the entire car’s body.

It is a black market rarity decal. However, it is not that expensive to get. The primary color of the decal is red, while the accent animation color is black.


Luster is a limited rarity item but is still one of the most wanted decals in RL. It is a beautifully designed subtle decal. Animation is shimmering and runs through the entire body of a car. If you love decals with clean looks, Luster’s fade paint finish will leave you breathless as you fly through the air to get to the ball.

Being among the most wanted decals doesn’t necessarily mean that the decal is going to be expensive. The proof is Luster which players can grab at very affordable prices.


Next on the list, Nox. This decal definitely features a design we’ve not seen anywhere before. The animation pulses throughout the entire car body ground up. Your car will appear as if it was connected to heavy bass.

The colors are pretty interesting too. Nox features orange as the primary and black as the accent color. It is very hard to obtain because it was only available for players during the season 5 rocket pass.


Wyvern RL decal features a design inspired by dragon lore. It is one of the most beautiful decals in the game. It adds unique looks to a car. Wyvern features animated scales, and the animation makes them slide across the car’s body.

The animation also reflects the speed of your car. It slowly starts to blur at the back of your vehicle as you speed up. The cobalt and black coloring definitely does Wyvern justice.


As the last item on our most wanted decals in the RL list, we have the majestic Starscape. Starscape interacts with the car paint. It features a slow animation of stars. Your car’s body paint shrouds the stars as they move across it.

What makes this decal even more wanted is the fact that it was only available in the premium track for rocket pass five.


Although there are hundreds of decals in Rocket League, these 11 are the most wanted ones. As you can see, there are various factors that determine the demand for specific decals. The design and animation play an important role, but another major factor is how hard the decal is to obtain.