USP-S Skins

USP-S is a fan-favorite weapon in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. The “Universal Self-loading Pistol with Silencer” has everything you need for an efficient attack – the noise-reducing silencer that keeps you undetected; the 352 RPM rate of fire; the relatively short 2.2-second reload time; the movement speed of 240; the penetration power of 100… what more could you ask for.

All it needs is an excellent skin to complete it, and fortunately, you’ll have plenty of choices here. USP-S skins are some of the most valued items on many CSGO gambling sites, and they can go from just a few dollars apiece to several thousand. They come in a variety of styles that’ll suit anyone’s aesthetic, so you’re sure to find one that meets all your needs.

Take a look at some of the most excellent USP-S skins in CS:GO, and take your pick.


Released back in 2017, Neo-Noir is a striking skin that’ll suit anyone who likes to stand out in the battlefield. With its mesmerizing graphic and neon magenta, blue, pink, and purple shades, it’s sure to grab your attention.

Coming in the Covert (Red) rarity, it’s truly a sight to behold. But perhaps best of all, you can get yourself a matching Neo-Noir skin for your M4A4 and AWP.

Neo-Noir for the USP-S is on the more expensive side, so expect to pay around $60 at the moment for Factory New quality.

Road Rash

Road Rash looks absolutely gorgeous, especially if you like that retro, worn-out style. The white paint on the body of the pistol looks perfectly scratched off, while the diagonal blue stripes on the silencer leave a lasting impression.

However, what’ll get your attention is the winged bullet at the very tip of the silencer that leaves a bright green trace along the side of both the silencer and the body of the gun.

Road Rash is of the Restricted (purple) rarity, so it’s not surprising that it comes at a slightly higher price point.


Another Restricted rarity skin is the Flashback – a skin reserved for experienced professionals. The design was inspired by the Vietnam war, which is why you’ll see the prominent 67-69 displayed on the gun (representing the period just before Nixon’s Vietnamization).

Of course, notable elements on the skin also include the peace symbol, appropriately placed “SHHH!” on the silencer, and the words “BORN TO CLUTCH” on the side of the gun.


The design of the Cortex is simply fantastic. Considering the USP-S’s capability to take out an enemy in a single shot, it’s not surprising that many skins feature skulls and skeletons, and Cortex is no different. On the handle, you’ll see the fan-favorite skeleton with its skull hollowed out. From there, it appears almost as there are wisps of bright pink smoke slithering down the side of the gun and its silencer.


Overgrowth is almost a classic now. Released back in 2013, it looks just as flawless today as it did almost a decade ago.

Overgrowth is recognizable for its wonderful yellow, green, and brown camouflage that covers the entirety of the gun, including the silencer. This relatively simple skin is incredibly popular among long-time players. The skin’s quality is Restricted, and you can find it in Factory New quality for about $60.

Lead Conduit

The Mil-Spec grade quality Lead Conduit is a wonderfully intricate skin for the USP-S. Instead of simply being “painted”, your USP-S will feature detailed black engravings that simultaneously look elegant and deadly. The black engravings are beautifully complemented by the khaki handle with its black metal insert.


If you’re looking for a cleaner, more modern design, Orion USP-S skin would be a great choice for you. Sleek and streamlined, the Classified quality Orion will have your gun looking magnificent. The black skin with bright orange accents is nothing short of perfect.

You’ll notice the subtle black and gray animal print on the slide and the dotted orange details on the silencer.

Kill Confirmed

Kill Confirmed is exactly what you imagine it to be when you hear the name. It’s a gorgeous, dark skin that depicts a skull on the handle that’s being almost obliterated by a flying bullet, which you’ll see on the silencer.

The play of black, dark burgundy, and bright red colors is unmatched, and you’ll absolutely love boasting this skin around.


Torque is sleek and almost futuristic-looking. Coming in the Mil-Spec grade quality, it features black and gray paint with eye-catching yellow accents. It will have you feeling like an experienced pro as you play, and it will give you a confidence boost like no other skin.

If you want, you can also get a matching Torque skin for your AUG.


Another Mil-Spec grade quality, Blueprint might just be the most hypnotizing skin of them all. Featuring several unique shades of blue that bleed into one another, the skin will leave you completely astounded. The subtle yet clearly noticeable grid lines encompass both the silencer and the body of the pistol, reminding you of detailed architectural blueprints – hence the name.


Geometric and futuristic Cyrex is an awesome USP-S skin you’ll fall in love with. It boasts a black body with white elements around the handle and base and red stripes that immediately catch your gaze. It’s one of the most sought-after skins, especially since it has matching skins for M4A1-S, SCAR-10, and SG 553. You can easily make an entire collection with Cyrex.

Forest Leaves

Forest Leaves is a great-looking USP-S skin considering it’s such a bargain. Both the body of the pistol and the silencer are effectively spray-painted in brown and green, using leaves as unique little stencils. The design is almost camo-like, but you’ll notice the leaves once you get a closer look.

A matching Forest Leaves skin is available for both PP-Bizon and Nova.


While different USP-S skins won’t impact your gameplay, they will give you the confidence boost you need to take on the fiercest of your enemies. Choose the best skin from the list, and enjoy the new aesthetic it brings!