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If you want to develop a career in a growing sector where you’ll always be able to find employment, and you’ll know you’re doing something useful in the world, there’s no better choice than healthcare. Salaries are good, benefits packages tend to be generous, and there are lots of different paths to explore so you can find something that suits your particular talents. Although most people think first of doctors and nurses, you could find a lot of satisfaction working in another area. These are just a few of the options available.


Pharmacists do a lot more than just handing out medication that somebody else has prescribed. They go through extensive training so that they have a deep understanding of the products they work with, and sometimes they understand more about medication than doctors do. They advise their customers on how to take it safely and avoid interactions with other drugs. They also provide advice on drugs that can be purchased without a prescription and on how to deal with minor, commonplace health issues that don’t require a visit to a doctor. They work in hospitals and local communities, and a pharmacy degree makes it easy to relocate wherever you want. Pharmacists earn an average annual salary of $123,670.

Medical coding

The medical service providers who help us when we’re in need couldn’t get paid for the work they do without medical coders. If you’ve looked at the Bryant and Stratton program and you choose a medical coding degree, you’ll learn how to interpret doctors’ notes to determine exactly what treatments a patient has received so you can claim for the cost from the patient’s insurance provider. Coders need to understand the complexities of insurance policies and be able to identify exactly what they do and don’t cover, as well as understanding how government regulations affect the sector. This is a highly specialized area, and it takes a certain sort of person to do it well, so there are lots of opportunities for those who can. Medical coders earn an average annual salary of $37,969.

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Physiotherapists do so much work outside clinical settings that sometimes people don’t understand how highly trained they are. As well as helping to rehabilitate people who have suffered injuries, they work in gyms and other sports-related settings to help people avoid getting injured in the first place. They also work with injured veterans and people with disabilities to rehabilitate them or help them gain as much physical independence as possible. With so many different options available, there’s always interesting work to be done. Most physiotherapists eventually specialize, however, as this enables them to achieve better results and command higher salaries. Physiotherapists earn an average annual salary of $41,208.


Every day, in every clinic, hospital, and local doctor’s office, thousands of people, have blood taken for testing or donation. Whatever the reason, the process itself is something that many find distressing. Phlebotomists are experts in taking blood and get so good at it that their patients barely feel the needle going in. They can treat elderly people and cancer patients with damaged veins that nobody else can access. They also get very good at calming their patients so they can treat phobics and children with minimal upset. Developing this kind of skill takes years of practice, and good phlebotomists are always in demand. Phlebotomists earn an average annual salary of $34,000.

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An awful lot of illnesses have their roots in problems with diet, while others limit what it’s safe for sufferers to eat. Dietitians help people in both situations. Although dieting, in the popular imagination, is usually about losing weight, they more often help people who are ill to keep weight on. They assist people with diabetes or allergy issues so that they can eat healthily, advise on healthy eating in pregnancy, and help people with compromised immune systems to avoid foods that could put them in danger. Usually, they work in clinical settings, but they also visit patients at home, and some go on to do research work in the field of nutrition. Dietitians earn an average annual salary of $52,351.

With all these options and more to explore, medicine is an area with huge promise. In the early stages of studying towards such a career, it’s possible to move between paths, so if you feel the need to, you can explore before making a decision. Almost every area offers a competitive pay scale and good promotional prospects, so you don’t need to make too many compromises for money – you can do what you love.