Lip tints are unique and beautiful sources of color to every woman’s face. They require less maintenance than conventional lipsticks and are still much more effective. Now, don’t stop reading if you think lip tints are no longer trendy; because they are still widespread among women, even those of high caliber. And Korean tints have not failed to dominate the market with their flawless finishing and long-lasting ingredients.

I’m sure you’ve got to a point where looking pale is not imaginable, and breaking the bank is also not an option. In this review, we’re giving you the features and characteristics of the best Korean lip tints you can purchase that won’t weigh down your pockets.

3CE Velvet Lip Tint

Most women steer clear from matte lip colors because they dry out quickly. However, the Velvet Lip Tints fro 3CE has proven to be different. Its oil content gives your lips a dense pigment, and still leave them soft and smooth. You’ve also got 10 classy shades of this lip tint to make your pick from.

Palladio Korean Lip Tint

This paraben-free lip tint from Palladio is the perfect finish your every makeup needs. It is packed with vitamins and plant extracts – such as aloe vera and green tea – that prevent cancer. Ginseng extract is also present in this tint to strengthen the skin on your lips and give it a lively look.

With this Korean lip tint, you’ve also got yourself a vast number of shades and finishes to choose from.

Etude House Water-Based Korean Lip Tint

What’s more beautiful than the deep, unique tint water-based lip tints gives your lips? The water-based tint from Etude House helps you get the perfect bright tone of your lips on application. Even though you may have the need to use a balm as a base for this lip tint, you still cannot resist the elegant finish it gives your lips.

Karadium Korean Lip Tint

If you’re seeking to add radiance and brilliance to your lips, then this lip tint is right for you. It contains petal extracts that shadow your lips perfectly to give them a stable and desirable glow.

Peripera Lip Tint

This lip tint from Peripera provides you with durable vibrant color and the velvety formula stays smooth on your lips. Peripera velvet lip tint is blended with jojoba oil, marine collagen and hyaluronic acid that helps to moisturize your lips. This tint is ideal for full makeup and gradient makeup as well.

Innisfree Vivid Cotton Ink

Here’s a sheer matte toner for your lips, which works a great deal on the slightest application. The lightweight of this lip tint leaves your lips with a cotton feel and an alluring softness.

The matte and moist liquid lip creates a velvety finish while gliding on easily. It has a lovely smell too and leaves a lasting tint that comes in thirteen clear shades. It is formulated with botanical oils that help to keep your lips feeling moisty at all times.

It also comes in four attractive nude colors that distinguish you from the crowd including Camelia, Avocado, Mango seed, and cottonseed.

Pony Effect Favorite Fluid Lip Tint

This lip tint from Pony, one of South Korea’s famous makeup artists, comes with a unique formula that bundles beautifully. This lip tint, costing only about $19, gives your lip an attractive shine that cannot be resisted.

Pony effects are owned by a Korean makeup artist who is a YouTube sensation. This Korean lip tint is made from high-quality and very attractive products. The moisturizing gel is lasting and can stay for long periods. It also blends easily with any makeup. If you’re looking for a nice moisturizing gel to keep your lip looking fresh all year long, go for the lobby effects fluid lip tint. It’s the best you can think of and it gives you the look you want.

Unny Club Talk that Tint

If you have dry lips and you want a lip tint that moisturizes your lips and still gives them a perfect shine, then the Unny Club Talk that Tint should be in your makeup bag. The formula of this tint leaves your lips well moisturized and silky.

Unny club talk that tint helps your lips to stay moist at all times and you can achieve the vivid velour with only one touch. The tint is made with high gloss glass-like materials that glitter, providing your lips with the glow and radiance it deserves. When you use this lip tint, your lips will be very shiny and appear like glass.

The Face Shop Watery Tint

Wouldn’t you love to have a lip tint that you do not have to keep reapplying while on the go? And what if the same tint could leave your lips with an all-natural alluring shade?

This is why the Face Shop Watery Lip Tint is among our top picks. It colors your lips with a natural tint for up to eight hours so that your makeup remains bold and flawless throughout the day.

BBIA Korean Lip Tint

This is a waterproof lip tint that stays on your lips the same way a tattoo stays on your skin. It comes in many attractive shades so that even when you get in the rain or the pool, you’ll still have bold, beautiful lips.

There you have it! With the list above, you can now give your face a splash of beautiful and elegant colors and still get to nourish your lips in the process.

Korean lip tints are a vital part of the make-up collection for beauty lovers. They’re comfortable to apply and their long-lasting color makes them loved by many people.

Unlike lipsticks that are produced with oils, emollients, and wax, lip tint is thinner and lightweight than lipsticks. Lip tint is usually opaque and helps to conceal the natural color of your lips.

Due to their light nature and long-lasting color, lip tints are very popular in Korea amongst beauty lovers. Lip tints require only a little maintenance and it provides you with the opportunity to come up with gradient lips based on how much coverage you want to achieve.