Today’s IT industry gives jobs to hundreds of thousands of specialists. There’s always a demand for all kinds of IT services, from something like web development to IoT implementation and AI integration. The range of available technologies is outstanding.

Web development, being one of the major fields in the IT industry is also very rich and complex. Not only there are different kinds of JS libraries like React, Angular, Vue.js, and much more, but there are also different types of web development solutions like websites, web applications, serverless apps, and so on.

Just imagine how wide is the range of possible job positions with different sets of skills and responsibilities. Thus, there are different types of web developers as well as there are different kinds of web development careers.

It’s not actually that hard to start a career as a web developer. If you have mastered at least HTML and CSS, you already can start working as a front-end developer. Taking into account that these two technologies are basic and relatively very simple to learn, all you would be able to do is to build web pages and their layout.

Obviously, this is just the first step to web development, and serious staff starts only once you are good with JavaScript. Everything somehow related to the web is most probably built with the help of JS. Any decent web developer has to be skilled in HTML, CSS, and JS, at least! The number of JS-based frameworks is great, it’s impossible to master all of them so one would have to make a choice.

Different Web Development Solutions

As mentioned above, there are different web development solutions and web development can take different directions such as website development or web application development. Web apps can be built using torrent technologies.

It is worth mentioning that React is considered to be the most popular front-end framework out there, and React Native is one of the most popular tools used to build native mobile apps with the help of web development technologies instead of native mobile programming languages. An experienced React Native developer is skilled not only in web technologies but also in mobile app development.

Due to the popularity of mobile devices, the web development industry changes its shape and focus. Modern web development is all about user experience and mobile-friendly solutions. Thus, this field also requires good designers. Any solid project requires UI/UX developers and designers. Thus, web development is also a good field for people who are not really into codding. Most projects also require project managers, resource managers, and other personnel.

The best way to properly get into web development is to start from the lowest level – QA or front-end developer. Once this step is accomplished, one would have the knowledge and ability to choose how to go from there. This choice would outline what technologies would have to be mastered by the future web developer.

Once again, it’s impossible to be the best in every field and every web development technology, so this choice has to be done attentively. No worries, there are hundreds of developers who switched from one technology to another, but that’s a risk not everyone can afford though.

Available Job Positions for Web Devs

Depending on its complexity, a web development project can require different types of specialists to be finished. Something as simple as a landing page can be built almost in no time with the help of only one full-stack developer. That is if you already have the website layout though (graphic design of your landing page). On the contrary, it takes a whole team of different specialists to finish something more complicated. Long story short, most web development projects require different specialists working together as a team. So, let’s outline the most main job positions a web developer can possibly apply for.

  • Quality assurance. It doesn’t always require web development skills. A QA specialist has to be able to check if ready things are working as described in the technical specification (one has to be able to read and comment on them attentively). It’s the lowest step but many start their web development career from being a QA.
  • Front-end developer. Usually requires basic skills (HTML,CSS, JS). Front-end developers are responsible for the part of the website that a user can see (layout, responsive elements). In most cases, a front-end developer has to be skilled in one or more JS frameworks.
  • Back-end developer. Such a job position requires knowledge of JS or its frameworks, as well as good skills in databases or other technologies, used on the server-side of a website or web app. Usually, it’s something like MySQL, ASP.NET, and programming languages like Python, PHP, and so on.
  • Full-stack developer. It takes both front-end and back-end development skills to be able to apply for such a position. Full-stack developers can build websites and web applications on their own. It’s the last step, and not every web developer is shaped to get to this level.

Usually, only full-stack developers with a wide range of skills and experience are considered to be hired as team leads, engineers, and architects on complicated projects.

Remote Web Development

Everybody knows how popular a remote workforce is these days. Currently, as the world fights the crisis with the COVID-19 virus, most IT companies are figuring out how to stay on flow. Those who have been using remote workforce models before, do not face so serious issues right now. Any web developer can work remotely from home. Moreover, there are thousands of them on freelance portals. Also, there are outsourced web developers and IT staffing companies that provide remote development teams. Thus, such a job can be done even in such challenging conditions as the world has faced.

If web development is really your thing, you won’t have any trouble reaching the highest levels and mastering the latest technologies. Those who also have a hunch for entrepreneurs would get a good chance to create their own web development agency. This means that a web developer can start a career as a simple QA tester and make it to the CEO of its own company.