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The Premier League is one of the most highly competitive football leagues in the world, but recent times have seen a decline in the performance of certain top-notch clubs, owing to various reasons ranging from bad transfer windows to incompatibility with new management.

Out of the top 6 clubs, a few have been struggling with their form for the past couple of seasons including Manchester United, Arsenal and Chelsea.

Manchester United

Manchester United v AC Milan - 2019 International Champions Cup

Midway through the past season, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer was appointed United’s boss in hopes of turning things around for them, but by the end of the season, everything had already gone south for the Red Devils.

Ever since Manchester United won their last Premier League title back in 2013, they have spent an incredible amount of money on transfers but have gained no sufficing results. Reports suggest that since 2013, the management at Old Trafford has spent nearly 968 million pounds on transfers, 264 million more than the total amount spent by Sir Alex during his entire term with the Red Devils.

With things not looking to improve any time soon, and a rather quiet transfer window, with Harry Maguire’s signing being the only highlight for United, the probability of them finishing outside the top 4 in the Premier League Table seems rather high.


FC Barcelona v Arsenal - Pre-Season Friendly

After Arsene Wenger’s departure, the Gunners found reformation under Unai Emery. The Spanish coach brought in tactical changes and new signings with hopes of winning the Premier League after a long while, but things didn’t go as planned.

Fans were left in awe, when an in-form Alexis Sanchez was swapped for Henrikh Mikhitariyan, wondering the reason being the drastic change. It only proved to be a wrong decision by the management at the Emirates.

The Spaniard brought in a world-class striker in Aubameyang, but even the pacey striker couldn’t bring the formidable attack that he sought. Lacazette was another addition to the side, but even his presence hasn’t helped the Gunners in the past season.

Arsenal finished 5th in a nerve-recking 2018-19 season, but the probability of them finding a way to the top 4 is rather low for the following season.


Bohemians FC v Chelsea FC - Pre-Season Friendly

After winning the 2016-17 edition of the Premier League, Chelsea’s form rather dropped and has since not been seen anywhere near, of what it used to be.

Antonio Conte’s sacking after a wonderful season was a peculiar event for all footballing fans and was judged by many as very disrespectful on the part of the club management.

Although Chelsea managed to clinch the Europa League title and finish in the top 3 during the 2018-19 season of the Premier League, the departure of both coach Sarri and star Eden Hazard is being seen as a very drastic change in events for the Blues.

With only Christian Pulisic being the new edition to the side and the departure of various players, the balance in the team lineup has been disturbed, and it seems as if Chelsea’s chance of finishing in the top 4 the following season is more of a distant dream.