Since its release in 2017, Fortnite has become an overnight sensation – it’s penetrated all corners of the internet, from gameplay videos on YouTube to silly memes on Reddit. But the road to success wasn’t always clear, and Fortnite had a lot of things going for it that helped it sustain this level of popularity for so long. Here’s a list of interesting facts about Fortnite that partially explain why it’s been such a sensation and has taken over the internet gaming space.

It Was in Development for 7 Years

For a relatively casual game, it’s quite surprising that it was in development for 7 years. The development time rivals industry-leading triple-A games like Grand Theft Auto 5 and Final Fantasy XV. It’s allowed the game company to focus on all aspects of the game and polish it up to a fault. That’s why most people reported smooth gameplay from the day of release, which is refreshing since so many games released recently with game-breaking bugs.

Fortnite is Developed by Epic Games, a Big Name in the Industry

Epic Games is a big-time game developing studio that has brought us the immensely popular game series Gears of War and one of the most popular game engine, Unreal Engine. Having years of experience in creating games and having a very powerful engine at their fingertips lead to the creation of a highly optimized and responsive game – Fortnite.

A Bumpy Road to Success Upon Release

Although by the end of the release month Epic Games announced it had sold more than 500,000 copies of the game, this paled in comparison to the battle royale game PlayerUnknown’s Battleground. Epic games didn’t give up. However, they saw the potential in this genre, and they wanted to capitalize on it.

There are Two Versions of Fortnite

Although Fortnite was immensely popular, Epic Games had enough foresight to know where the future of the market lies. That’s why it created a free-to-play game imitating PUBG known as Fortnite Battle Royale. Not surprisingly, perhaps, this turned out to be much more popular than the original game, and if you’ve seen a lot of memes online about Fortnite, it is most likely it’s come from this game.

You Can Play Fortnite On Almost Every Platform

Fortnite is part of the new wave of games that is available on most modern platforms. This is partly due to the engine it was created with, Unreal Engine, because of how easy it is to import games to different platforms from there. Fortnite Battle Royale is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Windows, MacOS, Nintendo Switch, Android, and IOS. So, it’s not only available on game consoles and personal computer operating systems, but the game is also available on mobile phones.

Fortnite Supports Cross Play

With support for all these platforms, Epic Games decided to do something technically complex and impressive. It decided to link all those platforms and allow them to play matches together. That’s right – if you own a Mac you can play with someone playing on their PlayStation. This means the waiting time for matches is extremely small, and due to the gameplay differences across the platforms, your matches will stay fresh. However, players playing on PlayStation can’t connect to players on Xbox, due to issues between the two console manufacturers.

Fortnite has Victory Dances that are Immensely Popular

Fortnite has a rich collection of celebratory dances that convey a wide range of emotions and meanings. With some dances being references to popular movies, comedy skits, and games, Fortnite dance moves have been very popular, especially for creating memes and references among the community.

Fortnite Dance Moves Have Been in the Center of Some Controversies

This popularity was the main reason that it brought a lot of outside eyes and scrutiny on Fortnite dance moves, and the reason it was the center of the most popular lawsuits in the last two years. Up to this month, 5 lawsuits have been levied against Fortnite accusing it of stealing and profiting off other people’s invented dances. Although, due to a supreme court ruling, Fortnite seems to be safe for now.

Fortnite is Explicitly Banned in Some Countries

Another curse of its popularity is that it put it on some governments’ radar. While there are some countries that exercise heavy censorship and ban almost all sorts of entertainment, it is rare for countries to explicitly ban an inoffensive game like Fortnite, which is exactly what happened. Two countries, China and Iraq, have banned the game. Both claiming it disrupted the country’s morals and values.

The Biggest Event to Date Has been a Music Concert

It’s strange that a battle royale competitive game’s biggest event has been an interactive music concert, but that’s exactly what happened. A staggering ten million people attended a concert by the DJ Marshmello live in-game. This caused an uproar and showed that western games are much more open-minded about virtual concerts that we previously thought. It’s been a staple of Japanese MMOs for a long time, however.