If you are in the midst of shopping for car insurance, then you know that there are crucial factors that influence how much you have to pay. Things like your age, the type of car you drive, and your driving history determine whether or not you are awarded cheap car insurance. While some of those factors are out of your control, don’t give up all hope! You still have some power! Keep reading to learn how you can lower your auto insurance and walk away with more money in your pocket.

Here are 10 secrets to lowering your auto insurance price:

Don’t commit to the first rate

Premiums vary, so don’t commit to a rate before shopping around a little! Getting quotes from multiple insurance companies might seem like an obvious method of securing cheap auto insurance, but surprisingly, not many people do it.

Etch your windows

Did you know that you can etch your car’s vehicle identification number (VIN) into the windows of your car to reduce the likely hood of your car being stolen by 65 percent? Windows with VIN numbers etched into them make it extremely difficult for a car thief to sell your car, and increases the chances of the police recovering it by 85 percent. Not only is this a great way to prevent theft, especially if you live in a central or mature neighborhood, but it also gets you a step closer to securing cheap car insurance. Affordable DIY kits are available online, but your dealership will also be able to perform this service.

Stick to one insurer for your policies

If you have multiple insurance policies from one insurance company, you could be eligible for a discount. Every insurance company is willing to sell you cheaper auto insurance if you also buy homeowners or renters insurance policies from them. Be sure to talk to your agent about multi-policy discounts.

A clean driving record

As mentioned earlier, your driving history influences your insurance rate. The more accidents and violations a person has, the higher their annual premiums. If you want the cheapest car insurance possible, you are going to have to keep a clean driving record. It can be tempting to speed up during a yellow light or reply to a text at a red, but even the smallest mistakes can have big consequences.

Don’t wait to shop around

While it might be easier to wait until your insurance rate is being renewed before shopping around, that isn’t how you grow your savings. Renewal isn’t the only thing that can impact whether or not your premium goes up. A new car, address, or addition to your policy can increase your rate. If you want cheap auto insurance, these are just a few reasons to shop around mid-policy.

Take a driving course

New drivers who complete an accredited driver’s training course are more eligible for cheaper car insurance than those that don’t. Insurance companies are more trusting of drivers who have been taught by professionals and likely to reward them with lower premiums. Cheap auto insurance is also available to drivers who have completed an approved defensive driving course and/or accident prevention course.

Low mileage means low price

Insurance companies consider the average use of a car to be between 1,000 to 1,250 miles a month. If you drive over that amount, your premiums will increase. Which means, if you drive under that amount then you could be eligible for cheaper car insurance. Opt out of driving if you can easily walk to and from a destination or if public transit is more efficient.

Raise your deductible

Paying a higher deductible to lower your insurance might not seem like a sensible way to save, but depending on your policy, it can work. Paying more before the insurance picks up the tab can reduce your annual premium by several percentage points. Cheaper car insurance means more money in your pocket, so be sure to ask your agent how much you have to raise your deductible in order to save.

What’s your credit rating?

You might be surprised to learn that your credit ratings can impact your insurance premiums. Many insurers use credit-based scores to study whether or not a person is responsible. The higher your credit rating, the cheaper your auto insurance!

Ask your agent questions

There are many more potential cost-saving methods in addition to the ones described above. You never know what discount is available to you, so ask. Ask your agent questions on how you can lower your insurance rate and pay a cheaper car insurance premium.

Don’t Ignore the Add-ons!

You might think that dropping coverage is a good way to lower your insurance rates, but this can actually be detrimental to your coverage. Instead of dropping coverage in favor of cheaper auto insurance, consider re-prioritizing. If you have an older car that experiences multiple hiccups a year, you might not need collision coverage. But the loss of use coverage, which pays for the cost of alternative transportation while your vehicle is being repaired, might make more sense. If you are in the midst of purchasing a new car from a dealership, then you should consider a waiver of depreciation. While many might consider this an extra cost that stands in their way of cheaper auto insurance, depreciation coverage protects you from losing money when the value of your car goes down – which happens as soon as you drive off the lot of a dealership. Knowing your auto insurance add-ons can save you from investing in coverage that isn’t applicable to your lifestyle or financial situation.

Compare Your Rates and Read Reviews

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