12 Small Bathroom Plans – Tips & Tricks for Maximizing Space


Larger bathrooms usually make it work manageable for homeowners to move around and store their essential medical and grooming items. But that becomes a challenge for us, especially when we take a small spaces bathroom into account. Not only is there less room for us to maneuver around, but there’s hardly any storage space for our towels and other bathroom essentials. So how do we get around this dilemma? That’s what this article aims to resolve.

The solutions that we have assembled for you in this post won’t just make your small bathroom look and feel larger but requires a relatively small bit of investment from your end to get it done. With that in mind, here are some of the finest small bathroom plans that will work wonders for you:

Choose Soft Colors

Colors can create a sense of perception of reality, especially when you choose the right color schemes. So to make small bathrooms feel bigger, it’s best to opt for soft, pale color schemes. We’re not suggesting you go all pink, but we’re also not asking you to choose bold, strong colors. For towels and accessories, bright highlights will do. As for backgrounds, where thinking pastel tones, whites, and neutrals. Cooler tones like purples, greens, and blues offer a sense of serenity.

Use Glass Instead of Curtains for Your Shower

One of the coolest stand-up shower ideas for small bathrooms is when you use clear glass instead of frosted glass or curtains that lead to your shower area. Opening up glass doors will make it seem like the shower area is part of the entire bathroom, making it seem larger from afar. As such, it’s one of the best stand up shower ideas for small bathrooms when it comes to creating the illusion of space.

Take Advantage of Shelving

Storage spaces are a common headache when trying to organize a small bathroom. That’s why shelving will be your new best friend going forward. For this, we recommend adding shelving to your walls by using the vertical spaces in your small bathroom. But just so you don’t create that claustrophobic feeling of confined spaces, you should install narrow, unobstructed open shelves at eye levels, and make sure they’re of the same color as your walls.

For eye-level shelving, it’s best to keep items that you use on a daily basis. For example, you can decorate the shelves with beauty and toiletry products such as lotions and bath salts decent-looking bottles. For storing toilet paper and towels, designer baskets will do the trick. As for items that you don’t often use, they are to be stored in the upper cabinet shelving.

Install a Corner Sink

For smaller bathrooms, pedestal sinks can, at times, obstruct the only path from the entrance to the toilet, the shower, or the cabinet. For this reason, you’re better off installing a corner sink that is right across the toilet, instead of one that is across the shower.

Use Extra Lighting

Extra lighting can certainly play a part in opening up the look of your small bathroom as well as at interest without compromising counter space. This can be accomplished by installing recessed can lighting into your bathroom’s ceiling and get it to focus on a certain part of your room. Countertop lamps or wall sconces can bring about warmth. You can also opt for solar tubes, tubular skylights, larger windows, and skylights, but these are a tad more expensive for your wallet to handle if you’re on a tight budget.

Recycle Your Bar Cart

With a little imagination, you can give your old wine cart a new purpose in life as a linen closet for your tiny bathroom. It’s ideal for storing extra toilet paper, washcloths, and towels and baskets while having the top reserved for toiletries.

Expand Your Mirror

Another way to trick people into making them believe a small bathroom for a regular one would be to expand your mirror and have it stretch all over the wall. This gives the impression that your bathroom is double its size.

Install a Cabinet over Your Toilet Tank

More often than not, the space on top of the toilet tank goes on used and that could be due to its location. So why not take advantage of this opportunity? When talking about installing a cabinet unit just over your toilet tank and right where there is an empty wall space too. Some cabinetry models are quite tall and expensive which can include open and closed shelving. And if you’re thinking about replacing your toilet, we would suggest going for one that comes with a rounded bowl instead of an oval one as it’s lengthier.

Keep Drawers under the Sink

Proper organization is essential to making smaller rooms feel more spacious. That’s why it’s appropriate for you to get a miniature vertical storage cabinet that is just enough to fit beneath your tiny bathroom’s sink to keep all your crucial makeup and medical items without cramping up the place. Be sure to label each drawer to make it more manageable and accessible for you to get the things that you want. It’s also a wise idea to leave a few of those drawers empty so you can use them in the future or even relabel some of them in case you need to store something different than usual.

Use Single Sink to Increase Counter Space

Other times, when two people have to share a single bathroom, especially one with limited space, it creates a number of issues. One of those issues comes with limited counter space due to two separate sinks for each person. This disables their ability to keep some of their bathroom essentials right by their side and help them get ready for the day. To counter this, it would be ideal for those two people to go with one sink to accommodate two people, and one that offers plenty of counter space. Read more on this topic (bathroom countertops).

Mount a Towel Bar on Your Shower Door

Doors for small bathrooms can really come in handy when they want to. In case you’re low on space to store your towel(s), you can simply mount a towel bar onto your shower door to take care of that problem and eliminate doors for your small bathrooms. Of course, you’ll be storing most of your towels in a linen closet close by, but having one shower on the outside saves us a bit of time and effort, especially when you’re thinking about showering at that moment.

Reduce Clutter

Nothing ruins a moment for your tiny bathroom than having stuff sticking out that ruined its more spacious illusion. In one case, you should cut back on storing several towels and make do with a large floor rug, keep only one decorative accessory instead of numerous smaller ones and go with one piece of artwork instead of many smaller pieces. Since you don’t necessarily need the other items, be sure to keep them out of sight.

Use Ladder for Storage

The steps for a wooden ladder can be used to hang your towels as well as baskets that store your extra toilet paper. What’s interesting is that the latter doesn’t allow these items to protrude much from your wall, making it a suitable solution for smaller bathrooms.