Exporting products from China to FBA is a tough process, but once you get the gist of everything, it becomes second nature. Now, let’s say your products are already manufactured, and the next thing to take note is how to send these products to Amazon FBA. For sure, there are a lot of questions popping out your mind, such as “How to ship my products to FBA?” “What is customs clearance?” The list goes on.

If you are a novice to the entire exporting process, then you are on the right page. This article will give you valuable information, such as product selection, customs clearance process, networking, etc. Even if you don’t have any products to ship yet, you will know a lot from this page. If you are ready, then let’s get started.

Select a good product.

The standard rule is if you can’t find a good external industry in China, you can’t make great decisions going straight to China to look for potential suppliers. Bear in mind that you will go to the country because you know the product you need and going to sell. You know where to find the best and cheapest product supplies in China.

Be familiar with the price, demand and good-quality products.

If you are keen with the whole product quality and that is what you’re after, then you’re on the right track. If not, you will surely be overwhelmed and lost when demonstrated with hundreds of the same product but under different versions in a huge market. Not to mention, every vendor will claim the dominance of their respective production. This rationale applies regardless if you’re purchasing items online, or going straight to different manufacturers in China.

Determine how much money you need for investment.

If you’re under a small business scale and you want to export your goods, it does not require a large capital amount. However, if you wish to go big, take time to consider if you have enough funds to suffice such venture. You may opt to visit private investors since they are easier to deal whereas bigger investors require a complete business plan and tons of documents which sounds a bit hassle.

If you want to borrow money to get started, just keep in mind that Chinese exporting businesses are a bit lower. But, never set your expectations too high that small loan amounts will enable you to borrow money in a sluggish way.

Understand how customs works.

Whether you’re exporting or importing your products from China, you need to be well-rounded on how customs works. There are different duties per the classification of the product, and you need to know and understand where you will best fit in. If you are daunted when dealing with customs, it is recommended you hire a clearing representative or perhaps a product distributor who is knowledgeable in dealing with the customs process. Whichever way you will go, just expect that dealing with customs can be high-priced and venture significantly.

Be consistent with networking.

Networking is an integral part of a business venture. If you continue to network with other businessmen in China, there is a better chance for you to come across great opportunities. One of the factors that can make a huge success in your business is a better channel. So, if you feel your relationship with your business partner is doing good, then maintain it. And besides, there is always room for improvement.

You need to be updated with the changes in your industry. It pays to do some in-depth research prior to starting your product exporting. It pays to know a lot than little when it comes to business settings. Before you jumpstart, make sure you are knowledgeable enough. Make sure you are not rushing things, as much as possible.

Be mindful of customs clearance.

Once your products landed in your destination from China, they are already near to one of Amazon’s warehouses. During this time, you will need to undergo customs clearance. This is the most crucial and complicated phase of the entire process. Because of how complicated a customs clearance is, even a single error can delay the shipment of your product.

It is highly recommended to look for a customs broker — freight forwarders or a logistics company that will help clear customs clearance in a professional and legal manner. You can save not only money but also your effort and time by contracting out the complex process of customs clearance. Therefore, prior to choosing what products to export from China to Amazon FBA, select the right customs broker that will really help you.


The entire export process from China to Amazon FBA is indeed a bit complicated. Hence, if you plan on exporting your goods, be knowledgeable enough to know the whats and hows of exporting your products, especially if they are from China and you wish to export them through Amazon.

Also, remember that having a customs broker is really helpful with the customs clearance. This article will serve as your guide in case you need assistance with everything. Also, to help you further with product exporting, fbabee.com is one of the most recommended pages you can visit.