Natural Home Lighting
Natural Home Lighting

Turn on the tv any night of the week and chances are you will be bombarded with home renovation shows, where teams of people spend small fortunes in an effort to transform a dull and dreary house into a stunning showpiece. While it would be wonderful to be able to snap our fingers and have our furniture miraculously updated and our tired kitchen replaced with a state-of-the-art masterpiece, many people fail to realize the major transformation which can be achieved, simply through the use of natural light.

Sunlight is not merely handy for brightening dark corners of the home; it also has the ability to improve our mood and mental health and can substantially lower our energy bills. With all those positives to gain, let’s look at some affordable ways to bring the health-giving benefits and natural beauty of sunlight into our home.

Spectacular Skylights

Forget what you think you know about skylights! Modern skylights are not only the epitome of Green living; they can endow any room with a sun-drenched, contemporary, designer ambiance while making it feel more spacious. With a variety of suppliers that offer Velux skylights in Melbourne, skylights should definitely be on your shopping list. They can be easily installed into any room and have an impressive range of options, including:

● Electrically operated hatches with rain sensors

● Manual and solar openings or fixed domes

● Flexible sun tunnels

● Blind and shade options

● UV protection

Compared to windows, skylights can be fitted easily, quickly and for a fraction of the cost. Imagine the difference a skylight could make to your walk-in robe or that gloomy passageway while increasing your vitamin D levels and improving your sleep quality!

On reflection…

Unfortunately for those who are renting or on a budget, skylights may not be the ideal solution to dark corners or dreary rooms. In that case, harnessing light through the use of color and reflective surfaces can still have a substantial impact. Some effective tricks to lighten and brighten a room are:

● Paint in crisp whites and soft grey tones

● Strategically place large mirrors to capture and spread light throughout a room; increasing feelings of space.

● Encourage reflection off polished surfaces. Natural floorboards offer a far brighter aspect than carpet due to their ability to subtly reflect light.

Let the Sunshine in

Heavy curtaining can make a room feel cluttered and gloomy and outdated window treatments can be a major drawback when attempting to lighten a home. Simple white voile curtaining can give a soft, chic feel to a room or consider removing curtains and blinds all together and having windows UV tinted instead.

Double roller blinds have gained favor recently as they offer a multitude of ways to filter and control the entry of light into the home without being obtrusive.

For those with bigger budgets, plantation shutters are another classically beautiful way to introduce light, while providing the flexibility to modify the direction and volume of light entering through the use of moveable blades.

Consider the Floorplan

If your kitchen is tucked away in a dark corner or toward the front of the house, consider redesigning your floor plan to move it closer to external entertaining spaces. Cafe or french doors are a value-for-money way to create indoor/outdoor living between the kitchen and leisure zones. This type of floor plan is a must-have in any contemporary home design. With the advent of flat pack kitchens and many companies now offering free in-home design services, moving your kitchen could have a huge impact on the comfort and livability of your home.

Introducing natural light into rooms can even add value when it’s time to sell. Real estate agents cite natural light as the single most requested factor home buyers look for in a prospective new residence. If your home could do with a little natural magic, then look no further than the vibrant beauty of the sun and transform even the darkest rooms of your home into something truly special.