Canvas And Cotton Tote Bags
Canvas And Cotton Tote Bags

The popularity of cotton and canvas tote bags are on the rise. They are both eco-friendly, extremely versatile, and useful for everyday wear. Though they have a few differences, they also share some of the same characteristics.

Canvas and cotton tote bags are slowly but surely replacing grocery store plastic bags. Both are natural fabrics and has little-to-no impact on the environment as a whole. You can re-use both canvas and cotton tote bags in a variety of different ways. Both can be used to act as a makeup bag, overnight stay bag, or even a bag to carry school supplies in. Canvas and cotton tote bags have a stylish flair, making users more excited to put them to various uses.

Canvas and cotton tote bags are extremely affordable, especially if purchased in bulk. Many apparel stores have them near checkout and companies are notorious for using the bags as gifts, or a token of appreciation. They are both very easy to fill with personalized goodies, as more often than not, the canvas and cotton tote bags are similar in style having a rectangular shape and two handles to carry.

Cotton tote bags differ from the canvas bag in the material. Cotton is an ancient material that has been around for many years proving its unique durability. Cotton tote bags can resist heat up to 350 Fahrenheit making them the best choice for heat transfer accessories. They have a very soft and smooth texture, in comparison to the waffle-like texture of a canvas bag. You can also stick your cotton tote bag right in the washer machine, and the bag will revert back to perfect condition.

Consumers might opt for the wholesale canvas bags because of their sewn material. This durability makes canvas tote bags a better option for carrying heavier objects like textbooks, a laptop, or tools. Consumers into fashion have found the canvas tote bag to be more fashionable because of its rustic look and texture. Canvas bags are heavily used as a purse for personal items because of the chic look it gives off. Washing the canvas bags are not as convenient as that of a cotton bag, and that might be its biggest downfall when comparing the two. The cotton tote bag is without a doubt extremely durable, but the canvas bag is two times that.

All in all, both bags are stylish and multi-purposeful. It may come down to the consumer’s personal preference and what exactly the consumer is using the bag for. As mentioned above it is imperative to note the durability and washing techniques of both before coming to a decision. Both the canvas and cotton tote bag are typically very similar in shape. It is also important to note that canvas bags are made of cotton. That fact alone may or may not put one type of bag over the other. Again, be sure to decide the purpose of the bag for the best results from either a canvas or a cotton tote bag.