Entrepreneurs are always thinking of new and innovative ways to help their businesses grow. Sometimes that means developing new products, others it means tightening up operations. Often, though, growing your business can boil down to simple decisions like the type of software your company uses, who you advertise with, and how you approach customer service. Here are some incredible brands that can help your business grow in 2021.

The Future Is Video

The best advertising and marketing agencies understand that video is the future of online advertising. Video clips draw the eye and capture customer attention like nothing else. If you are thinking about a new way to advertise for your business, consider VisCap Media video ads – they are a high-quality creative firm that specializes in video content.

Master Online Customer Service

Many entrepreneurs make the mistake of focusing ONLY on their product. They assume it will sell itself and they assume customer service will take care of itself. These two assumptions, of course, are mistaken. But customer service is tough! It’s not something many business owners can (or wish to) take on themselves. This is where AwesomeOS comes in.

AwesomeOS offers business owners the ability to give their customers a high-touch, personalized customer experience that will keep them coming back for more.

Use the Right Tools

If your business pulls credit reports then there might be an option you’ve never used before. It’s the CRS credit API that offers full-service credit reports to you and your customers.

The Right Account Software

When it comes to your business’s accounting and bookkeeping software, it’s smart to simply go with the best. Go with a brand like QuickBooks which has every conceivable integration and feature you could ever need – all built into an easy-to-use interface.

Keep Yourself (And Employees) Healthy and Comfortable

All33 is a company dedicated to improving how we sit and feel at work. All33’s chairs are designed not only to allow you to work comfortably, but also to actually help strengthen your back to that, over time, pain related to extending sitting will gradually decrease as your back muscles grow stronger.

Embrace the Best of Both Worlds

Nextbite offers restaurateurs an opportunity to capitalize on the digital age. You can focus on creating delicious food and let Nextbite help you with everything else from accepting orders, managing deliveries, and more.

Get Your Financial House In Order

If you need expert financial advice (and if you’re an entrepreneur, you do) then consider going with Turbo Finance. Turbo Finance offers all kinds of valuable financial advising services and financial products.

Don’t Forget About Texting

Just because video marketing and other “newer” types of marketing are increasing in popularity does not mean more traditional approaches like text-message marketing are going anywhere. Live Recover SMS marketing helps your business capitalize on one of the best, yet least-used, forms of marketing: Text messages.


Optimize your business with the products and services outlined in this list. As an entrepreneur, you should always be thinking about new and better ways to operate. One thing is for sure in the business world, and that is that complacency does NOT pay. If you don’t like something about how your business is running, do not sit on it, do not sleep on it, change it! Your employees, your customers, and your wallet will thank you.