Life in college can be very challenging. But most of the problems students face can be centered on one thing: financial problems. Statistics show more than three-quarters of students in tertiary institutions rely on loans for tuition fee and their general upkeep. This is because parents are unable to pay for their fee and provide for their sustenance. Sometimes the loans offered to a student may not even be sufficient enough to pay tuition fees. That is why it has often been said that depending on parents is one way of ending your dreams.

With the worsening economic conditions, it is becoming increasingly difficult for parents to provide for the needs of their students in college. Because of many pinching problems, children are considered old enough to take care of themselves once they join college. Where the situation becomes just so difficult to bear, a number of students have turned to social crimes to earn a living. Others abuse drugs to avoid facing reality. The point is, without money life in college is basically hell on earth.

How comforting it is to know that there is way out! With the advancement in technology, there are a number of platforms for college students to work online and support themselves. In fact, the only thing needed is creativity. But we also want to acknowledge the fact that college life can be so busy sometimes. You may be willing to work but time cannot allow you. You will need to make some adjustments to your lifestyle in order to be successful. Working online can pay very well and with the flexibility, it comes with, it is worth your trial. Let us examine some of the ways you can use to make money online as a college student.

Become a social media manager.

We all spend too much time on social networks, yet it can be a very fantastic way of making money. Many businesses require an online presence and so it may be important to have social media managers to work on a contract basis. There are important duties such individuals can do, among them creating and promoting brand awareness, establishing positive relationships with clients and creating new ideas that can translate to more sales and profitability. But where can you start? Well, it not hard to get started. Simply contact a local organization and let them know the services you are willing to offer. Be creative enough to convince them why they need your services.

There are so many businesses you can contact, among them coffee shops and restaurants. There are a number of social media platform, for instance, Facebook and Instagram. Specialize in the one you are more comfortable with. Let the executives of the organizations know how you intend to use such a platform to help their business expand and reach new clients. How much can you earn? So many factors may determine the earnings you will receive, though it may range between $15 and $40 per hour.

Become a Blogger.

Are you a creative person? You can make a lot of money from writing creative blog posts that evoke the feelings of readers. The title you give to your article will determine its effectiveness. Think for example: will you be interested in reading an article with the title “my trip to Japan”? Maybe your close relatives only. What if you make it “The Top Five Facts You Must Be Aware of before Travelling to Japan”? You need to write an article that is not only intriguing but also helpful. Choose a topic you love and direct it to specific people. Always target a specific group of people, otherwise, you may not be successful.

If you have selected the topic, jot some blog post ideas, at least 20 of them and start writing on five posts. This is the best way of telling whether or not the choice of topic is appropriate. You can then select a host for your web. For beginners, HostGator is mostly recommended. Even though it is not free, it is the best place to start from, and the charges are still very affordable, just $2.75 every month. The earnings vary but some bloggers maker thousands of dollars every month.

You can be a freelance writer.

This has been the easiest and the best option for college students. All you need is grammatical skills and the urge to write. Do you know someone who earns a lot from writing? Have you heard of Holly Johnson? From working in a mortuary, she ended up making at least $200,000 per year as a writer. Freelance writing is the most flexible and profitable way of earning while in college. Beginning with an online presence through your personal blog is the best way of meeting some well-paying clients.

But still, you can meet clients such sites as Upwork, once you have a proof of good work you can turn to a pro blogger or other freelancing websites for more work. Some writing companies will give you a wide range of choices from which you can specialize. So many college students have become successful to the extent of even helping to support their families through freelance writing. So then, how much can you earn? This amount you receive will depend on the efforts you put. It can range from $50-$500 in each article you write.

You can proofread and edit articles.

If you are good at grammar, proofreading, and editing of articles in another field that can earn you good money, in college, you spend days using your proofreading abilities. Why not turn that into an income generating activity? In proofreading, you basically errors which may result from poor punctuation, spelling or word choice. On the other hand, editing involves restructuring sentences, deleting and addition of content. Which of the two options impress you? You can earn between $10 and $45 in an hour.


Even though college students may face financial problems, there are so many online jobs they can do earn a lot of money. If you are a college student, endeavor to learn various ways of using your skills to make money. In this article, we have discussed only the top four online platforms you can use to work online.

If these options do not interest you, apply for a loan here Instant Loan and start a part-time business. Keep yourself busy with an income generating activity when you do not have classes.