Meetings have a bit of a mixed reputation in the business world. Some feel as though they are unnecessary and mostly a waste of time, while others swear by them.

This difference in response can largely be put down to the fact that not all meetings are productive and some are, indeed, a waste of time. Meetings also require resources and energy from all involved. So, if you hold one, it is in your best interest to make sure that they actually achieve something and aren’t just you and your team passing time.

To make your meetings more productive, take the following steps:

Choose a good venue

Believe it or not, your choice of venue has a lot of effect on how productive you and your team will be during meetings. An unappealing, uncomfortable venue is a breeding ground for boredom, and team members will be in a hurry to leave and won’t pay much attention to the work at hand.

To prevent situations like these, book meeting rooms Nottingham from a site like VenueFinder and pay close attention to what amenities are being offered such as seating capacity, air conditioning, and so on. Make sure the meeting room you choose is one that can properly accommodate your team and will help them do their best work.

Define the topics of discussion

The biggest reason why meetings are often unproductive is that they have no comprehensive topics of discussion and devolve into random conversations without any goal. Before the meeting is set, speak to members of the team and list down the topics they wish to discuss and make a final list of what topics you will have time for. This way, when the meeting is held, the goals will be clear and more work will be done.

Allocate proper time for presentations and spot discussions

When your meeting topics are decided upon, the next thing is to decide how much time you plan to spend on each topic. It is rather easy to spend too much time on each topic and then not have enough time to focus on others. Decide how much time each topic is allowed to have and inform the team members during the meeting about this. Also, give some amount of time for spot discussions where team members can spontaneously make suggestions or bounce ideas off each other.

Keep it entertaining

Meetings can be quite boring at times, and this boredom can cause participants to lose interest and productivity. One way to combat this is to try and make your meetings a bit more entertaining.

When making presentations, have team members use visuals and slides to hold the interest of others. Allocate time for a short break and, if possible, serve some refreshments. These small things will go a long way to make your meetings more productive.

Meetings can be one of the most productive things an organization can engage in or this can also be a waste of time. Follow the above tips to ensure that they are the former.