Are you looking to make the most out of your Windows 10 PC?

With each update, Microsoft introduces more tools to improve experiences on our devices. But with so many apps and tools out there, it can be tough to know which are worthwhile.

Fear not! Read on for these top Windows 10 system tools and apps that will improve your time and experience on your PC.

Virtual Desktops

If you thrive on organization, virtual desktops are for you. You can have different versions of your machine, each using its own software instance. Virtual desktops are powerful but can be confusing to set up. Consider working with a Microsoft partner to get them set up to your liking.


Dropbox is a leader in cloud app services. You get 2GB of free storage, which you can increase with friend referrals.

It’s also a multi-platform app, so you can take your files with you while on the go. Sharing with others is also super easy.


The timeline works like your browser history but for desktop programs. It shows which files you’ve opened chronologically, which you can open again with a click. If you tie it to your Microsoft account, it applies to cloud files too.

Cloud Clipboard

In a multi-device world, we’re all swapping from PC to PC, platform to platform. You can sync your clipboard contents to your Microsoft account. This means you can copy text from one PC and paste it to another.

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Wireless Sharing

Continuing on this multi-device theme, next is Nearby Sharing. This uses Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, letting you share hyperlinks and files to nearby PCs. Pick a file, select ‘share’ and pick your chosen PC destination. Once received, the destination PC will get a notification.

Cortana Reminders

Cortana reminders allow you to set reminders to do something at certain times. Pair it with the Cortana phone app, and it’s even more useful. Set a reminder to pick up bread from the shop and specify¬†which shop. When you are nearby, you will get a notification on your phone.

File History

This underappreciated gem keeps recoverable records of each change you make to documents. It also takes backup snaps of Contacts, Desktop, Libraries, etc. each hour. You’ll be able to recover deleted text with no hassle.

Windows Reliability Monitor

You might not have heard of this tool, but it could save you a world of pain. Windows Reliability Monitor takes a personalized, individual day-to-day report of your system’s health. It can pinpoint unstable software.

This tool will warn you of impending doom before your system fails. If you see a bunch of red x’s, it’s time to get your stuff backed up.

Windows 10 System tools and Apps You Can’t Live Without

As you can see, there are many windows, 10 system tools, and apps out there. Some you’ll have heard of, and some will be new to you.

What is true is they’ll all improve your time and experience on your PC. Whether that is providing a space to back up your data or making multi-platform usage more streamlined–you’ll notice the difference.

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