Dedicated Development Team
Dedicated Development Team

Over the last few years, a number of companies looking for a remote team to implement certain tasks has grown quite a bit. The reason for that is pretty obvious and simple – everyone wants to save. Unfortunately, finding a really fitting team is not that simple of an affair, considering an unlimited, overly-wide area of territorial search. But how to get perfect contracted workers to fit your project? Let’s discuss it.

The key factors, which companies usually pay attention to when choosing the dedicated team are:

  • Relevant expertise
  • Technical match
  • Company size and processes
  • Communications
  • Time zones

Let’s take a brief look at each.

Making sure that a hire has the required expertise

Defining your most optimal country of search, it all depends on your budget and complexity of the project at hand. To give you one tip, look for a company that specializes in your business niche particularly: as a rule, teams that don’t try to cover as many fields of business as possible and that focus on a major concept offer the highest quality products.

Then, you should check the company’s level of infrastructure as well as official certificates. It is best that your potential team of experts is capable of providing a full range of services (including design, development, testing, project management, and support). Otherwise, you may be required, at some point in the development cycle, to involve additional expert service providers in order to finish up the project.

Surely, nobody can get a 100% guarantee that a certain team will handle certain tasks in the perfect order. That is why it is important to also consider portfolios of a team’s past finished works. The drawback here is that some projects may as well have been completed under the NDA document. What you can do as well as ask for references. Then, you can reach out to the company’s former or existing clients and ask them about the quality of results, communication, etc.

Alternatively, you could learn more about some companies through public repositories, like GitHub. That way, you can see the ultimate quality of code assessment of a certain company, too, which must be at a sufficient level in order for you as an employer to expect a scalable end product.

Defining the technical skillfulness

Skills and abilities play a crucial role in any development scenario and your potential dev team’s level of skillfulness may be to a great extent defined by their experience of working with certain software (e.g., various frameworks and libraries). The experience is precious because the experience requires time. A non-rational time-inefficiency is a significant downside for any business project.

Before you start looking for a dedicated team, make sure you know what technologies this team has to be proficient in. This may require you to turn to in-house tech experts first in order to outline what stack would be the optimal one for your particular project.

Comparing the size of a team with the volume of workload

It so happens that a team may be small, yet consist of 3-4 hard-boiled, highly-qualified passionate experts who satisfy your development cycle completion needs just fine. But it is important to consider the final scale of the project, as the large-scale scope of work requires more experts to handle it all time- and cost-efficiently.

So before starting to search for a team to employ, let your in-house specialists define at least an approximate optimal timeframe for the completion of the major tasks. This approach allows optimizing the workload distribution and decreasing further development risks.

Implementing the proper means of communication

Workspace organization routine is the responsibility of the remote dedicated team’s providers, while you will have to establish the preferable means of interaction and communication between the remote hires and your in-house staff. Talk over all the nuances of this aspect – from time tracking and reporting dates to time zones that can negatively affect your team interacting efforts.

Make sure to pay attention to communication during all of your interactions with the company before you embark on the project, from how they answer to your requests to how well they form their thoughts and how well they understand you. Sometimes, even top experts maybe just not a good fit for you in terms of communication efficiency. Sometimes, you are just incompatible as people. It’s better to find this out before you hire them than after.

You should also initially find out how much you can access and influence the team workflow and certain parts of the project. Some teams are all for involving you fully in the process of development while others prefer to do technical work without any excessive disturbance. Remember that communication is crucial – make a regular calls’ schedule and define reporting dates on initial stages of cooperation. In requirements, you may define the maximum time you wish to wait for a team’s feedback and other particular scheduling desires.

Locating the best country to search for a dedicated team

There is a common opinion that the most affordable IT development experts are concentrated in India. According to some real practice, however, for clients based in the USA and Australia, a huge difference in the time zone of can be pretty inconvenient. And yet, it’s still a way to save some budget and the job done, just be wary of the competence of specialists you hire.

Eastern European developers boast in-depth skills, as well as good command in English. These workers are highly competent technically, gaining expertise and experience in top higher education facilities (see the great global demand for Ukrainian developers). Surely, European pricing rates are somewhat higher than India’s, but the final budget you will have to dedicate to a project.

If you prefer the experts from a local market with respectively high rates, developers from such world-leading countries as the USA, Australia, Great Britain, Switzerland, and Canada are definitely your best bet. The only thing that required here is the corresponding budget at hand, those devs will do all the rest for you.

There are also such destinations as Vietnam and Pakistan, which are currently in the state of active development on the market (due to affordable rates and good service quality). You have to be selective when it comes to choosing the company in these countries and go for the top ones in the niche, which will still be quite affordable on a global scale of things.


We hope this info serves you well and helps you find the most proper outsourcing region and IT company for your project. If you are looking for a dedicated team to build your idea right now – hit up the dedicated development team from Artelogic to get some top-notch quality specialized service at reasonable prices.