Free Data Recovery Software
Free Data Recovery Software

In this modern era, computers play a major role around the world. Many people started to buy a personal computer and laptops for their personal use. Sometimes maintaining the computer have become a big task for the people. The people may delete the files because of storage problem and other issues like accidentally emptied recycle bin, power failure, etc. Sometimes the unknown user would have formatted the system without your knowledge. These files may be useful that have deleted wrongly.

“How to recover recycle bin on windows?” is the major question asked by the people. The best solution for recycle bin recovery is using the data recovery software. The free data recovery software that is suitable for windows users. There are different types of data recovery tools available such as Disk drill, test disk, Puran, etc.

Disk Drill software to recover the recycle bin data

The Disk Drill software is the most widely used recycle bin recovery software. It is the best software to recover the deleted files. The software is designed to secure the data and the recycle bin recovery of the number of data up to 500MB. It is a freeware that helps the people to recover the data at no cost. It supports all the windows versions such as XP, Vista, 7,8,10. It also supports Mac OS.

The Disk Drill mostly used to recover the files hidden in the windows and other external devices like pen drive, SD card, and other electronic gadgets. The software is available both in the free version as well as a pro version for windows. The free version can recover only 500 MB of data. To recover more than this volume definitely you have to install the pro version with online payment.

Characteristics of Disk Drill software

Variety of scanning


The Disk Drill software provides various scanning options like deep scan and quick scan to recover data. The quick scan option recovers the recently deleted files and documents in both internal and external storage devices. The deep scan option provides the recycle bin data recovery bit by bit. It recovers more than 300 different file types.

Allows the user to manage


The Disk Drill software allows the user to manage it according to their needs. The UI interface that is designed in this software provides the user to control the scan option. If the user wants to scan the particular data types, you can do it just set the option. The pause button is available in the interface that helps the user to interrupt the current scan and finish the work he wants and then continue later.

Modified data protection


This software acts as a protection device for the deleted data and files from the windows. Once the software is installed, it acts as data protection software that automatically keeps tracks of the deleted files. In other words, it acts as a secondary recycle bin that can store a large number of data. It is very helpful for the user to recover the data immediately in not time.

Steps to install and activate the Disk Drill software

  • Open the official website.
  • Download the free version available in the windows.
  • Click the downloaded .exe file in the system
  • The software is installed and ready to be launched immediately.

This software is not only useful for recycle bin recovery but also useful for the data recovery from external storage devices likes sd card, pen drive, hard disk, etc.