Tracking Aircraft Online

Tracking Aircraft Online

If you plan on traveling by air, tracking the aircraft can be helpful in many ways. Studying the route, monitoring the airport congestion, learning the aircraft particulars lets plan the trip in details and anticipate possible delays. If you are new to online aircraft tracking, visit website to see how it works.

The aircraft tracking online is usually performed through the real-time maps showing the globe in the two-dimensional format. The maps can be of different types and level of detail. There are professional maps for aviation workers (pilots, dispatchers, etc.) showing the atmospheric layers, detailed weather conditions, and so on. However, such online maps require considerable operational memory and don’t provide much use for the purposes of a regular traveler.

Modern online tracking services provide various opportunities for spotting the aircraft. On the live map, you can simply click on any board and find out the information about it and its current voyage. If you’re looking for a specific aircraft, there are usually the search filters letting find the particular route. You can also track other aircraft performing the same voyage, to compare the time of flight, the comfort of the board, and other specifications.

Finding the Aircraft by Flight Number

The fastest and error-free way to track the particular aircraft online is searching by the flight number. All modern aircraft tracking websites provide this opportunity.

  • Flightradar24 — simply type in the flight number in the search bar (top right part of the map). You will see the board highlighted on the map, information on the flight, and the aircraft on the left sidebar).
  • FlightAware — this website offers the search filter featuring the flight number, right on the front panel of the website. The route is shown on the map, with the information in the top part of the screen on the time of arrival and departure, destination, and the current status (landed / in air).
  • PlaneFinder — fill in the flight number in the search field and get the list of the flights fitting the search, with the data on their tracking status. Choose the one you need and see it marked on the map, with the data on the board and the route in the left lower corner of the screen.
  • RadarBox24 — entering the Search menu via the magnifier icon, choose the “Advanced” section to fill in the flight number. The website provides a list of flights with similar numbers indicating the route. In order to select one, simply click on it on the list.
  • FlightView — like with Flightaware service, here you encounter the search menu right on entering the website, with the separate bar for the flight number. The website shows the flight status and the previous routes of the plane.

Other Data on the Aircraft Tracked Online

As we mentioned above, the professional aeronautical charts online contain plenty of data required by aviation employees. Still, even the public services provide various data on the aircraft and its route. Some disclose more information for the prepaid subscription.

Aircraft Data:

  • current status (at airport / in air / landed / not in service);
  • real-time speed;
  • real-time altitude;
  • call sign;
  • age of the machine;
  • type of transponder used.

Operational data:

  • time schedule;
  • operating airline;
  • airport congestion;
  • other flights on the same route, altitude, etc.;
  • weather conditions (on some services, weather layers are available).