It’s best to have a dog to teach your kids to love, take responsibility, compassion, and cooperation. Not only that, canines are perfect playmates, loyal companions, as well as brave guards.

But are all dogs suitable?

The answer is no.

You will base on the lifestyle of your children to consider the children-friendly lovable breeds. They can be the ones to spend time with rambunctious kids, or those Utonagan dogs to enjoy around gentle and patient angels.

With that said, you should go through this list of some dog breeds that are potential to be by your kids’ side. Scroll on.

Children Friendly Lovable Breeds of dogs for kids

Utonagan dogs

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Utonagan puppies

Utonagan means “spirit of the wolf” in an ancient Chinook Indian tale. The breed today still owns the wild appearance of their ancestors with a family-oriented heart.

In the UK, Utonagan breeders introduced the first pair in 1980’s beginning to gather love from many dog parents.

A Utonagan dog has a large profile, but the dog is a baby at heart. They love children and stay loyal to the family. They make an excellent guard dog with a load of energy and sharp fang.

On the contrary to being aggressive against strangers, Utonagan dogs are gentle and playful with those they grow up with.


achshund dog Premium Photo


Those weiner dogs are hilarious, silly, and loyal. Having a dachshund to play and protect your little ones will give peace in mind that they will grow brave, affectionate, and truehearted.

Doxies were first bred to be badger hunters, but now they bring that personality to become excellent watchdogs. Yet they are funny in shape, and they don’t require much grooming.

When adopting a dachshund to be your child’s friend, teach the kid to be careful when handling the dogs. It is because the breed is prone to back injuries. These dogs are great for juniors.


hite cute maltese puppy, 2 months old looking at us Premium Photo


The little smiling, gentle Maltese pups are amazing dogs around calm children.

With good size for a kid to pick up, Maltese pooches will sit quietly on laps and wait for cuddles.

When kids need a friend to play run and catch, Maltese dogs have the energy to burn. And these dogs are smart to learn tricks with which will teach your children to be patient and responsible.

You can assign the grooming work to your babies so that they can learn the duty of taking care of dogs.

Labrador Retriever

ortrait of a labrador retriever dog Free Psd

Labrador Retriever

Famous for being energetic, smart, and playful, Labrador Retriever is a good fit for frisky babies.

Although these dogs are large, they are gentle and friendly dogs. They enjoy those outdoor activities, make perfect fellows for swimming and playing in the backyard.

With a wiggly and robust body, labs may knock small kids unintentionally. However, their intelligence is a huge plus for being assistive dogs, which are helpful for children with disabilities.

Consider adopting labs only when your children are above 6 years old.

French bulldogs

rench bulldog take a walk lovely pet animal concept Free Photo


If you don’t mind to have a furry kid to share an apartment with you, Frenchies are a great option.

For those who live in a small place with fewer chances of exercising, a French bulldog is a great choice. They don’t require much of outgoing and a backyard. They primarily enjoy petting, sitting on the couch, and having a tea party with your princess.

When having a Frenchie to keep your kids’ company, watch the dog’s behavior because they are likely to compete for adult attention.


eagle dog sitting with white background Free Photo


Beagles will be your child’s comrade to explore the small “world” together with their curious nature. These dogs can keep up with a moderate frequency of exercise.

They also prefer making peace with other pets in the house. Grooming Beagles is a not-too-hard work to assign children.

With a Beagle in the house, your kids will live their childhood full of laughter.

Bichon Frise

urebred bichon frise Premium Photo

Bichon Frise

Is your family a busy one with occasional picnics and festive outdoor camping activities by the beach every season? The Bichon Frise dogs are ready to adapt to such life and be your kids’ companions on the playground.

The dogs don’t shed and keep their hygiene quite well. If you think about giving your child this friend breed, keep in mind they need a regular coat and dental care.

Also, they don’t refer to being around hyperactive kids or else they may get frightened overtimes.

Boston Terrier

oston terrier puppy dog sitting on white background Free Photo

Boston Terrier

This small-size breed has a sturdy-built body and health that suit playful children.

With patient personality and high energy to burn, Boston Terriers will give your child fun time around. These dogs can run fast; so, make sure you don’t ask your juniors to walk them on the leash.

On the other hand, Terriers get along well with other animals in the home. You can expect no fight and constant barking that is hard to put off.


oker face apricot fawn pug in bow tie Free Photo


Pugs like to clown around with their funny face and silly personality. But most importantly, they are gentle with babies and kids.

Like Frenchies, Pugs expose to several health risks. Thus they require a veterinarian to care on a routine. You can teach your children to be tender around pug dogs. Besides, it’s possible to give the kids the duty to take care of minimal grooming need, such as daily brush and cuddling.


oxer dog sitting and looking at camera Premium Photo


This “another kid in the home” will take the job of guarding your child with their muscular body and sweetest heart of love.

These dogs are extremely affectionate around their family. They love the parents and the kids; some may consider the babies of their own.

With such loving characteristic, boxers will play and guard your children with their lives.


ewfoundland dog Premium Photo


Despite the high profile like a Utonagan dog, Newfoundland dogs have the heart of a nanny inside. Notably, they adore children and protect kids at any cost.

If you live with a Newfoundland while having a baby, you will realize how docile they are.

When the baby grows to junior, you will see the kid run, play, and laugh all day happily with his Newfoundland. So, you may prepare some space for that gang to roam.

Final lines

Nothing can deny the meaningful presence of dogs in humans’ life. A kid that grows with a dog as his companion will be full of compassion, love, and responsibility.

So, those are the children-friendly lovable breeds of canines you can consider adopting to be a friend of childhood.

We would recommend a Utonagan dog to be your child’s nurse and protector.

Make sure you learn the breed in prior and conduct a good introduction. It will be the start of another touched friendship story to tell.