Want to learn how to stay one step ahead of your opponents at the Poker table? This article is for you.

V for Vendetta is one of the most talked-about movies of the 2000s. Released in 2005, this political thriller made a lot of noise. Although some people found it based on political agendas, it still went on to win the love of the audience and became a financial success.

The main character in the film was a guy named “V,” a charismatic and intriguing vigilante. Although we don’t know about his true identity, his do-what-it-takes attitude makes him one of the ideal characters to learn about discipline, preparation, and commitment.

It’s all about using your skills and knowledge to achieve greatness in whatever you do!

If you are a Poker player, you can learn a lot of valuable things about how to play the game effectively from V:-

1. Choose your own path:- Have your own ideas and views, as they define you who you are. V never chooses the path that others built for him. In Poker, we tend to look at the strategies of others and try to incorporate them in our game. V teaches us that in order to become a consistent player, we need to create a path of our own. We have to learn how to create strategies as per the dynamic situation at the table. Every successful player will vouch for the fact that Poker is all about improvising as per the hand strength, table position, table image, and opponent’s level of skills.

2. Determination:- Will is everything. V doesn’t care about anything but reaching the goals that he created for himself. To give your best performance, you need to constantly improve your game through practice and training. NEVER stop learning. Along with thoroughly learning and understanding Poker game rules, you have to constantly update yourself with the strategies, tricks, and tactics to enhance your ability to control the situation at the table and mold it in your favor.

3. Commitment to the cause:- Action speaks louder than words! V has a reason for whatever he does. Poker is a competitive sport. Your every decision at the table must be based on your careful analysis of the situation. There is no scope for luck-based gameplay in Poker. Sometimes you need to bluff, to make the opponent act in your desired way. As it is not possible to have the best hand every time, you need to create situations to make your fellow players fold their cards. V never hesitates to intimidate others, for the greater good. Similarly, to win a hand, sometimes you have to play aggressively to scare away opponents.

There are various ways of looking at V and giving a verdict about whether his intentions were good or bad. But he certainly had some really good qualities in him which Poker players can understand as well. When you play Poker, you need to learn how to study your opponents and out-wit them psychologically. V believes in his thoughts even though everyone termed him as the villain. You can be termed wrong, but if you have got the skills, you can turn all the wrongs into rights. If you want to be successful in Poker, start implementing the above-mentioned tips in your game.