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Our society has been working year after year to increase the general living standards of its people. However, the privileges that most people enjoy have not reached all corners of the globe, and millions continue to struggle every day just to meet their basic needs.

Charity is one of the best ways to even out the equation and helps the less privileged to enjoy some of the benefits that our societies have afforded us. Most people believe that charity donations should be in monetary form. But that isn’t the case. Donations to charity should be determined personally, with every donor feeling free to donate what they have and want to give away.

Here are five reasons you should consider giving to charity this month.

1. Giving improves personal happiness

Giving is not just about helping others. Recent studies have shown that being charitable is one of the leading determinants of personal happiness as we age. A recent survey of donors revealed that 42 percent of the donors reported that the joy they received from their charitable actions was a key influence on their giving. Donate to charity today, and you too could improve your mood and end up feeling happier and more fulfilled.

2. Charity improves the lives of other people across the globe

At this digital age, it has never been easier to reach people from all corners of the globe. A simple monetary donation from any country can be used to buy clothing, educate children from underprivileged families, build schools, and equip hospitals.

While you may come from a privileged background, not every child has that opportunity. And millions of families across the globe are languishing in poverty. You can help. You can contribute to eliminating poverty by making a simple donation of anything that you feel comfortable with.

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3. Donating encourages those around you to do the same

Your generosity can influence those around you to donate to noble causes too.

Most good virtues, such as charity have a domino effect. When your friends see you doing it, they too feel motivated to follow suit. Besides, it is a proven fact that family and group giving creates a bond that helps strengthen the bonds of your friendship.

Maybe organizing a group donation or volunteering your time as a group is what your group of friends or family needs to bolster your relationships and bring you closer.

4. It nurtures generosity in your children

As a parent, you need to teach your children good values, and giving is one of the values that more parents should encourage in their children.

While it easy to discuss the topic with children and then leave it there, actions are far more impactful than words. When your children see you give, they too will adopt the same stance in the later years of their young lives. Besides, family giving and volunteering to cement these values in your children and allow you to spend some quality time together.

5. Donating is now more impactful than it has ever been

A while back, not all donations made it into the hands of those in need. However, things have changed, and charities are required by governments to be more transparent about how they get their donations and how they spend them.

This means that every penny you give, every mattress, towel, book, or clothing that you donate makes its way into the hands of a person who needs it.