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The office environment has a significant impact on the working atmosphere. Here are four trends in office design that help companies make their employees’ work more comfortable. We would like to present in this article some examples of amazing offices. And Sohomod store will help you to make your own unique space.

Create a homely atmosphere

In Red Fan Communications and Reelgood offices you feel at home – because it is home.

Red Fan Communications is housed in a three-story mansion (over 100 years old) in Austin, USA. “After the field talks, our employees often say, “Well, now let’s go home,” says Emma Chase, Red Fan Communications’ customer service manager. – Our office really breathes the comfort, warmth, and hospitality of a real home.

The Reelgood office in San Francisco is also located in an apartment building. Employees here not only work together but also cook and play games. When remote employees from other cities arrive, they even stay here overnight.

“We have to deal with problems that we would never have faced in a normal office space. For example, we have recently had to deal with a pigeon invasion,” says Catherine Buren, director of marketing and business development. – This brings us even closer together.

Give employees the right to vote

When Kronos executives decided it was time to move, they wanted to make sure that the new office would reflect the company’s culture. So they approached their employees and asked their opinion.

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We treat our employees as family members and believe that their contribution to the company’s decisions is very important,” says Vince Devlin, head of procurement at Kronos. – They can test the company’s decisions and vote on many issues, such as which tables and chairs to choose.

If your company cannot afford to set up its own office from scratch, you can still give the floor to employees. For example, letting them decorate an office to their liking will increase their sense of belonging to the company.

The Plasticity Labs office has a huge “thank you wall” on which employees glue warm-worded sheets of paper. The wall is so popular that it has its own Instagram account. The company even applied for inclusion in the Guinness Book of Records (in the category “World’s Largest Wall of Gratitude”).

Add an element of fun

Stress and burnout of employees occur even in the best companies. But it is possible to help people to go through difficult times more easily by equipping the office with a special place for rest and entertainment.

Luke Knowles, CEO of Kinoli, has set up an ordinary playground in the office. There is a swing in the office,” says Knowles. – I’m looking for ways to make my workflow as enjoyable as possible, and in this sense, the swing was an important part of it. I don’t know what else would be so good to reflect the right mood.

Phear Creative takes a more adult approach to entertainment. There is an in-house bar where employees can meet each other and relax.

Phear Creative even produces its own apple brandy, which can be drunk together with colleagues.

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Create a meeting place

Employees often have to behave in a special way at work. They cannot feel as relaxed and “at ease” as they do at home or with friends. Therefore, it is very important that there is a meeting place in the office where people can stop thinking about their work and just be themselves.

We have a huge kitchen with a large table for 20 people (i.e., almost all employees of our small agency),” says Jennifer Schwartz, deputy creative director of BARKER. – In the rare cases where we can all have lunch together, it’s like a family celebration.

If your company has many remote employees, create a virtual space where everyone can get together and chat.