Have you ever seen a vehicle produced by America’s leader in luxury automobiles driving along and thought, “I want one of those”? For decades, Lincoln Motor Company’s giant cars have been synonymous with the heights of American style and luxury. Its historical legacy is fuelling the present, as a new fleet of cars filled with modern technology and design manages to live up to or even exceed the company’s reputation.

Let’s take a look at the range of Lincolns that are available, and hopefully, you’ll find the vehicle of your dreams for cheap this spring.

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Lincoln Navigator

Perhaps no full-size vehicle in recent years is so associated with spaciousness and sumptuous luxury as the Lincoln Navigator, and designs for the newest model has fans of the old ones excited. The cabin is filled with high-end details you don’t expect to find that recall the commitment to style that originally made Lincoln so famous. As soon as you get behind the wheel, the grandness of the car’s scale and decor makes you understand right away you’re driving a very special vehicle.

Aside from its appearance and size, it also incorporates superior engineering. The Navigator’s powerhouse Twin-Turbocharged 3.5L engine can produce 450 horsepower and 510 lb-foot of torque, and you’ll be wowed by the power and the smoothness.

If you want the ability to drive seven passengers and give everybody a shocking amount of legroom and comfort, you need the Navigator. Visit a family-run Lincoln to get a used Lincoln truck this spring because it will make your car purchase more affordable, and older dealerships that have been in the family for years are more likely to offer friendliness and reliability.

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Lincoln’s midsize SUV is appointed with the luxurious features you’d expect of Lincoln, plus a 12-inch LCD screen and revamped infotainment center which can be interacted with by using buttons on the steering wheel.

Choose between two different engines, each delivering considerable power while also making it one of the most environmentally friendly SUVs in its class. Between the new design features, comfort level, and the overall driving experience, you’ll love this midrange SUV. If you’re wondering whether to buy a Lincoln VS Acura RDX, as these are pretty similar vehicles, opt for the Lincoln — it offers more comfort, better handling, and even comes at a better price.

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Just saying “Lincoln Continental” stirs up associations of top-tier elegance from the past, but the newly re-imagined model couldn’t be more modern.

New safety technology includes Lane Keeping System, Blind Spot Detection with Cross-Traffic Alert, Pre-Collision Assist, and more. There’s also a Heads-Up Display available, Adaptive Headlamps, and a 360-Degree Camera. You won’t only be safe, but you’ll feel both confident and exhilarated when you drive the new 2019 Continental. Lincoln has designed a cutting-edge car that’s worthy of the company’s historic reputation for style and luxury.

Buying a luxury car is an exciting time, and it’s a purchase you’ll enjoy for years to come. Whatever you need from a car, Lincoln has a model that meets it which combines timeless style and luxury with modern design and technology. Take the plunge — realize your dreams and become a Lincoln owner this spring!